American Roots in Action: John Goullet Streamlines Information Technology Hiring Methods

John Goullet found a niche in today’s turbulent technology fueled times. An industry revolutionary Goullet found a niche in helping prospective employees find jobs in the Information Technology Systems. Information Technology is the name given to an industry that installs, operates, diagnoses and repairs anything with a chip and a power cord.

John Goullet is principal of Diversant, LLC. The former founder of Info Technologies, Goullet rose from humble beginnings as an IT consultant to then create his very own IT staffing company. Goullet owes the idea for the formation of his company to his beginnings are recalls the journey that he took through the IT world. Goullet shares his views on factors attributed to the success of the growth of his business. Hiring the most qualified applicants possible is one of his secrets that he shares in a recent interview and learn more about John.

Diversant LLC holds true to its namesake, as it is recognized as Minority-Owned Business. As a youngster, Goullet decided to pursue a second degree and holds a Master’s in Computer Science. Channeling educational accomplishments with a desire to help the industry, Goullet realized that the Information Technology space would always be short of qualified individuals. With the formation of Diversant, Goullet has the opportunity to combine the worlds of technology and information technology sector employment assistance. The successful unification of top clients and potential future employers is the goal of Goullet and John on Facebook.

Goullet attributes the success and path of competitors as a model to base performance on. Reviewing how competition is performing and adjusting to remain competitive is the main piece of advice emphasized by Goullet.

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