Dick DeVos, the American Entrepreneur, Supporting Educational Reforms

Dick DeVos is a renowned entrepreneur who is very philanthropic. Dick and his extended family are well known across America for being very charitable. They have been supporting educational initiatives and political campaigns to ensure that America has good governance. Over his lifetime, Dick has given over $139 to charitable efforts.


Dick DeVos has a foundation that is working towards improving lives through education and every year the Foundation is increasing the amount of money that is going to charity. In the recent Republican campaigns, the DeVos family contributed a lot of money to support the election of President Trump. The DeVos family has been very supportive of Republican campaigns, and this has been applauded by Republican supporters. They have been ranked at number 24 by Forbes in the list of the best givers in America. Dick DeVos believes that the only tool that can bridge the gap between the rich and the poor is education and this is why they put much emphasis in supporting education. Most of the donations have gone towards reforming the education sector, and this has impacted lives for so many people.


The school system of America was not efficient, and a lot of money was needed for reforms, the money contributed by Dick DeVos will make changes in the education sector, and this will indeed help in achieving the American dream. Dick DeVos believes that every kid should have an opportunity to get a good education no matter their background and this has been accomplished through his charitable acts. Educators in America can now assist more kids to get quality education through the DeVos foundation that has helped children from the poorest backgrounds to be in school throughout the academic calendar.


Dick DeVos is currently the president of Windquest Group, a company that is involved in wealth management. Dick DeVos has also held a senior position at Amway from 1993 until 2002. At Amway Dick held various managerial posts and this sharpened his business leadership skills. He was in charge of the company operations in more than 18 countries out of America. Dick DeVos has been actively involved in community leadership, and he has brought significant initiatives to the people. At Amway Dick was able to open new markets for the firm and this multiplied the company’s income to over three times.


Dick DeVos inherited much wealth from his father who had made a lot of money from different businesses in America. He learned excellent business skills from his dad, and this has helped him to grow his wealth. He is a political activist and his company Windquest has expanded to international markets. Dick has a lot of passion for basketball. He owns the Orlando Magic NBA Team. Dick Vied for Michigan governorship in 2006, but he lost and accepted defeat. He is married to Betsy, and they have seven children.