Doe Deere Expands Lime Crime With Diverse Products

Doe Deere has become a leader in the cosmetics industry, and it appears that she taking young millennial crowds by storm. She has become creative in building a brand of lipstick with unique products that are sweeping the nation. Doe Deere has a small company, but she has managed to successfully tap into a market of consumers that want something that is a little over the top. This is how the Lime Crime brand has always been promoted, and there are a lot of people that are excited about what this company is doing as Doe Deere continues to expand.


The Lime Crime brand became a success because it is reaching consumers with products that are outside of the norm. Are a lot of things like Lime Crime unicorn hair dye and pixie dust lipstick shades are gaining attention. Doe Deere is someone that is very forward-thinking and she is always looking for chances to gain consumers with new makeup trends. Many people are becoming fans of her makeup and the holographic makeup that has gained a lot of attention through Instagram.


Doe Deere is someone totally been able to change the makeup world even though she is considered a CEO of indie brands of cosmetics. The thing that has made this brand popular is a word of mouth promotion from other consumers. It doesn’t take the television to advertise this type of makeup. Doe Deere only needs to connect with people through the way and that is enough to promote her brand.


Doe Deere is managing to slowly expand her Lime Crime brand by also offering other things like hair dye and a possible clothing line in the future. This is initially what Doe Deere was passionate about in the beginning of her career. She was into clothing Design, but she switched into the business of cosmetics. She continued to build an audience in cosmetics but she also provided fashion tips as well. These would be the things that would give Doe Deere a well-rounded presence among a diverse group of consumers.


Doe Deere has managed build a brand that has been connected to a large number of people under the age of 20. Lime Crime also sells lip gloss and that is what captivates a preteen consumer base. The other products sold through Lime Crime are alluring to a young adult market of consumers that desire something new.