Dr. Andy Manangaro: Unearthing the Silent Killers

Symptoms are the guides towards the detection of a disease or a condition. However, some of the most dangerous diseases do not have symptoms. They only rear their ugly heads when it is too late and nothing much can be done about them. Thanks to advancement in technology, medical experts such as Dr. Andy Manangaro can unveil asymptomatic diseases early enough and take the necessary measures for healing or prevention and more information click here.


No Room for Errors

As the Chief Medical Officer of Life Line Screening, Dr. Manangaro is in charge of the biggest screening establishment for vascular diseases and other ailments associated with vascular diseases in the United States. The number of people who have already undergone screening courtesy of the company is in excess of 8 million. One of Dr. Manangaro’s responsibilities is supervision of the panel board consisting of highly trained and certified medical specialists who make a review of all the company’s ultrasounds, ensuring top quality levels. He is also the chair of the company’s Advisory Network, made up of renowned clinical experts and scholars from different parts of the world.


Saving Patients from the Grip of Deadly Diseases

Before joining Life Line Screening, Dr. Manangaro was actively involved in treatment of vascular and cardiovascular diseases through surgery and clinical medicine. He is, therefore, a witness of the deadly result of late detection of the conditions—all the more reasons for him to ensure that diseases are detected early for safe treatment.


Modern Techniques

Some of the techniques used by Life Line Screening include ultrasound which involves the use of transmission of high-frequency sound waves to a particular part of the body and recording of resultant echoes. The company uses the highly advanced Doppler color flow technology for screening of carotid artery disease and abdominal aortic aneurysm. Other diseases that are accurately detected are osteoporosis (through screening of bone mineral density) and peripheral arterial disease (through screening of ankle-brachial index) and LLS’s Twitter.

Life Line Screening also uses finger-stick blood tests to unearth any risk of diabetes and heart disease. In the process, the soft finger pad is pricked with the use of FDA-approved lab equipment to obtain a few blood drops with the results taking no more than 10 minutes to be obtained. The company also offers limited electrocardiograph to detect the risk of stroke. While the process is non-invasive and quick, no preparation is required and learn more about Lifeline Screening.



Highly trained staff and state of the art equipment are some of the main reasons for continued popularity of Life Line Screening as the best preventive health screening establishment in the US. Moreover, the tests are non-invasive and safe, and you don’t have to worry about pain or waiting for too long to know the results. You also need little or no preparation before undergoing the tests and its Youtube.

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