Fabletics and the Competition that Looms

Customers must give props where props are due. Kate Hudson is taking the high road and building a retail clothing line that looks different from anything else that is out there. It is an interesting thing for her to pursue when most people know her from acting. Kate has been an entertainer for years, but she also knows how to really embrace her creativity. She is someone that likes to work out and she was already working on a clothing brand long before she put her time and effort into establishing Fabletics.


This was just a better way to build a clothing line, and people have been appreciative of the road that she has taken in expanding Fabletics. This is a company that has a large amount of appeal to millennials and a middle-aged crowd. Kate Hudson has been working hard to make sure that she covers a wide spectrum, and so far she has done a great job of promoting this company. Her skills in molding Fabletics definitely allowed her to create a brand that ladies can appreciate it. Women that were looking for comfortable clothes that they could also work out in are impressed with Fabletics. This is what Kate has been working diligently on for the last decade.


She wants women to have athleisurewear wear that allows them to work out and also do other things like run errands in the same garments that they are going to gym in later. This is a very wise decision for Kate Hudson because it shows that she is conscious of what consumers are interested in. She is not someone that is developing another brand that looks like everything else. Instead, Kate Hudson is putting her mind on building the brand that is actually going to be different from what her competitors like Amazon are offering.


She knows that her ability to think outside of the box and create a brand that has this athleisure wear is going to be important. This is the next big thing in athletic clothing, and that is why her role for Fabletics is so important. She is working in the boardroom for the design process as well. She has her own activewear line so these are going to be the type of garments that are being promoted heavily by Fabletics. Kate is in a place to change the direction of athletic clothing for women.

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