Fabletics And Their Positive Customer Experience

Activewear is a big industry. Activewear brands make hundreds of million dollars each year by selling their top merchandise. Fabletics is a clothing company that sells activewear and other clothing. They are changing the way people buy activewear. Kate Hudson is the owner of Fabletics and she is tackling a huge agenda, competing in an over-saturated market with the King of retail, Amazon. Currently, Amazon controls 20% of the e-commerce market in fashion. The 20% might sound like a small number but it is extraordinary. For one company alone to have that much control of an entire market says a lot about Amazon’s business model. While Fabletics is competing with Amazon, they are doing very well for themselves. In the past three years, Fabletics has made over $250 million in revenue. Part of their success has been their membership. The company incorporates a subscription model to sell their clothing. In addition to their membership, Fabletics has physical stores all around the country. They currently have sixteen stores in locations that include California, Florida, Hawaii, and Illinois.


Fabletics has made themselves a high-value brand by changing what it means to be a high-value brand. In the past, high-value brands were mainly about the quality of goods and price. Now, high-value brands are evaluated by their exclusive product design, brand recognition, and customer experience. Consumers want an experience when they shop nowadays. Brands have to work harder to gain the attention of their target consumer. Fabletics is successful because it is doing just that. With the membership, consumers get an experience with Fabletics. They are willing to spend their money in the stores and on the website because of the experience Fabletics provides. Fabletics has also garnered some attention with a new tactic called reverse showrooming. Reverse showrooming is the process of creating a positive shopping experience for their customers, so they continue to come back and shop. Fabletics has a perfect sales tactic. When a member enters one of their stores and tries on a product, that clothing item automatically goes into the shopping cart on the Fabletics website. This company knows how to mix technology with a positive customer experience.


Fabletics has great clothing that anyone can enjoy. The company’s leggings are comfortable and stylish, that they are number one on my list. The company also has sweaters that are comfortable as well. Fabletics does a great job of incorporating high-quality, high-fashion, and affordability within their products.