George Soros – A Entrepreneur With a Knack for Solving Problems

George Soros is a renowned political influence in the world. He is the Hedge fund manager of New York. His influence since 1980s has seen many countries reconfigure their political environments He has even been influential in affecting regimes that had been in power for decades. In fact, currency Soros is believed to have a powerful impact on the American government more than any other person alive does.

This influence comes in the form of his personal investment which goes to 1 billion dollars as well as the over 25 billion dollars of investors that his company control through the Soros Fund Management. However, his power is not only derived from the much money under his control but also by the fact that he has a life view of changing the world through his powerful influence and living institutions in better states than before. He views himself as some missionary of sorts.

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He has a lot given a voice to grandiosity with many examples being given on how he likened himself to God. He tried to use his charity endeavors and financial endowment to chase and fulfill some of these fantasies as far as he could afford. He has been found to liken himself to God in the Old Testament with comparisons being on his sense of benevolence, invisibility and an all-seeing nature.

George Soros realized early in life that money is what makes the world go round and he decided to make some of it. It was after making money that he then embarked on his social concern fulfilment. Most of his concerns however were related to a desire and sense of changing the world especially America which was to become something new as far as social justice is concerned. His friends describe him as a person who believes that he has a God given mandate to solve insoluble problems. This is what makes him believe that he has a responsibility to give money away to causes that match his endeavors. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

About George Soros

George Soros was born in Hungary, Budapest in 1930 to non-practicing Jew parents. The dad was a practicing attorney but was passionate about promoting a language with the hope that people worldwide would drop their native language and adopt Esperanto as a way of achieving world harmony. The dad changed his family’s name to Soros, which meant to soar in Esperanto.

When in 1944 the Jews were in jeopardy, the father split the family and bought those tickets to freedom in Christian families. George ended up in a man’s house who contributed in confiscating Jewish property. The family later relocated to England in 1947 where George went to London school of economics and that is where he learnt all he needed to about society.

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