Julie Zuckerburg’s Passion for Life Echoes within Recruitment Leadership Role

Julie Zurkerburg is currently the Executive Recruiter for Deutsche Bank, based in Manhattan, New York. The bank is the world’s most-leading foreign trade institution. In 2009, the bank was named as the largest foreign exchange broker with growing assets of over $1.5 trillion. The continued growth of the company has provided the opportunity to employ over 99,000 personnel worldwide. Julie is responsible for the talent acquisition and attaining the best candidates for the company. She is a graduate of the University of New York with completed studies of philosophy. In addition, she further studied at the New York Law School. She has previous experience in working with the Hudson Law Group for five years. As Director, Julie was responsible for the candidate placement of case managers, support staff and paralegals. This career foundation created the ability for her to further her advancement within the recruitment process. In 2007, Julie accepted the Executive Recruitment position for Citibank within the company’s global functions division. At the time of Julie’s appointment, the division was responsible for over 300,000 employees. Julie’s extraordinary skills and exceptional recruitment knowledge helped the company continue to bring in some of the best talent within the financial industry. Julie continued her tenure with Citibank for seven years, and she was able to expand her knowledge of the recruitment process during this time.


In 2014, at the height of Julie’s career, she capitalized on her experiences from Citibank and accepted the leading role of Executive Recruiter for Deutsche Bank. Since that time, Julie’s continued performance has helped the executive leadership attain high-performing candidates for their teams. Julie aligns herself with the leadership to understand the needs of their operations and to determine how her recruiting efforts can assist them in building the teams needed to grow the company. Julie has a great deal of knowledge in the areas of utilizing the technology within the recruitment process and creates a wide-network of candidates for those leaders to choose from. For the past three years, Julie has developed and negotiated the talent needed at high-managing levels and counseled those leaders to achieve hiring the candidates who are proficient in the skills required. Julie expands a pool of talent that is diverse, highly innovative and experienced at a level which can perform in an agile environment. In addition, Julie’s talent as an Executive Recruiter extends to the negotiation of the terms of a candidate’s placement and ongoing performance assessments to further gauge the talent selected.


Julie’s personal life very much mirrors her professional life by constantly aligning her passion for what she does. Julie is a firm believer in living a mind-body-soul connection, and her passion for life also brings a self-awareness to what she does professionally. Additionally, she involves herself with many call-to-action efforts for helping with human rights issues and causes. Julie is also passionate in the belief of the ethical and humane treatment of animals. She involves herself in organizations that supports the welfare of animals and assuring that animal rights are protected.