Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Taking Bradesco Bank To A New Level

The Bradesco Bank is one of Brazil’s leading banks, holding a considerable amount of assets and it has attracted thousands of investors through its more than 90-year history. The company has been under supervision of several company presidents since its establishment, but the one who shines the most is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Born in the same city where the Bradesco Bank was established, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi witnessed how the company became successful and how it defied the odds to become the leading financial institution in Brazil. He was inspired by the bank’s history and has always wanted to work with the people inside the Bradesco Bank.

When he turned 17 years old, he applied for the position as a bank clerk. The company hired him because of his determination, and he would become a working student dividing his time between class and work. He attended the USP Foundation School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo, finishing his degree to be able for promotion. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi applied for promotion after staying for the company for 15 years, and he was given the position as the bank’s marketing director when he was 32. His responsibilities include the promotion of good relationships with the members of the media and projecting a positive image for the company. He served as the marketing director for eight years, and in 1992, he was promoted once again to a higher position.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi became the chief executive officer of the company’s subsidiary, Bradesco Vida e Previdencia. His position is only temporary, as he will be moved to another department a year later. In 1999, he was promoted to become the company’s executive vice president. Alongside his position as the executive vice president, he would also be given executive positions at the subsidiaries of the Bradesco Bank, including Bradesco Seguros, where he was positioned as the president. Through his efforts, Bradesco Seguros managed to control 25% of the insurance market in Brazil, and the board of directors was amazed in his capabilities to bring the company to a new level.

His accomplishments in the past four decades became his ticket to become the company’s 4th president. He replaced Marcio Artur Laurelli Cypriano, and he began reforms and changes within the company right after he held the office in 2009. One of the challenges that he faced being the president of Bradesco Bank is how he can be able to beat their rivals. In 2009, Unibanco and Banco Itau merged, taking down the recognition from Bradesco Bank as the leading bank in the country according to To inflate the company’s value, he decided to purchase HSBC Brazil in 2015, paying its owners and executives $5.2 billion for the transaction. Because of his actions, he was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award, and he was named as one of the most influential people in the country. In 2018, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had to retire from his post because of his age, and Octavio de Lazari Junior succeeded him.

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