Michael Zomber Has Accomplished Many Things

The historical knowledge that is possessed by Michael Zomber is very extensive. In fact, The History Channel and A&E have regularly asked Michael to contribute to many of the programs they have produced over the past decade. He is happy to do so because he is passionate about certain eras of history. He enjoys passing on his knowledge to other people who are interested in learning. According to PR News Wire, Michael Zoomber has a particular interest in the Old West.

This is because he has assembled a truly amazing collection of antique firearms. Many of the guns in his collection date back to this period in history. Michael has thoroughly researched all of the details concerning the various guns that are in his collection. He also has an extensive knowledge of the companies that made each of his guns.

Michael Zomber was not always interested in guns. In fact, he didn’t fancy himself a collector until after he completed his education at he University of Illinois. He decided to take on a double major in psychology and English.

He also obtained a master’s degree in English literature from UCLA. It was at this point in Michael’s life when he was unsure of where his life might lead. He went to a gun show with a friend.

He instantly was attracted to the beauty and craftsmanship of the older guns that were on display. Michael Zomber knew immediately that he wanted to own several of those guns. He educated himself on their histories and set out to assemble a collection of antique guns that would have no rival.

The other era of history that Michael is an expert in is feudal Japan. The reason that Michael made a point to study this period in history extensively is because he is very interested in ancient samurai warriors.

He has been fascinated with them since he was a very young boy. He has gone on to write several books and a documentary film about what samurai warriors had to go through on a daily basis as they were trying to serve their masters by living with a code of honor.

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