Omar Yunes – Strong Leader and Award-winner

Mr. Omar Yunes is a businessman and a leader at the large Japanese chain called Sushi Itto. At the start of December 2015, Mr. Omar Yunes was titled the “Best Franchisee of the World” (BFW). That is a competition which is open to applicants from all around the world.

Mr. Omar Yunes has spent decades at the company of Sushi Itto. He joined it when he was in his 20s. Currently, Mr. Omar Yunes owns and leads thirteen of the units of Sushi Itto, making up to ten percent of the units. The 13 locations are distributed in the areas of Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz. As a part of the large food chain, Mr. Omar Yunes has added a lot of improvements to the operation of the units. He is currently leading more than a few hundred employees across the thirteen sights.

The competition for the best franchisee in the world is open to applicants from all around the globe and every sector and industry is allowed to apply. The jury evaluates how strong the impact of each applicant is not in their respective company, but in their respective industry. At the award ceremony, there had been about four hundred representatives, chief executives, staff members, and other employees. The ceremony was quite big. Mr. Omar Yunes was awarded the highest prize but there were a few other franchisees that were also recognized and received awards as well. The guests who attended the award ceremony for Best Franchisee in the world were from all around the globe. There were guests from Portugal, Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Hungary, and from several states of the United States of America.

Over the course of his long and successful career, Mr Omar Yunes has become excellent in a large number of fields. For one, he has become an incredible leader who manages a few teams from afar. He is an inspiring leader according to the few hundred employees that he manages. Mr. Omar Yunes has also been able to create action plans that would help him and his teams to achieve the best result in their lines of work.