OSI Group Promotes Sustainability In All Its Production and Processing Processes

OSI Group is a leading privately held company that delivers its groundbreaking food products and solutions to the food service and retail sectors. The Illinois-headquartered food provider collaborates with premier food brands to develop products that delight clients across the globe.

The firm leverages its state-of-the-art infrastructure and vast financial resources to help food brands in the sourcing, development, production, and distribution of custom food solutions globally. At the core of OSI Group is a team spirit and entrepreneurial passion for surpassing the expectations of consumers.

How does OSI Group set itself apart from competitors?

  • OSI Group has mastered the art of offering custom food solutions developed according to the precise specifications of clients.
  • The group adheres to high standards of quality assurance and food safety practices.
  • It has an efficient and reliable supply network.
  • It conducts intensive research and leverages its innovative design facilities to actualize clients’ meal and menu ideas.
  • It demonstrates a strong dedication to sustainability across its extensive network.

Globe of Honour Award for 2016

OSI Group has proved its might in the retail and food sector by scooping the celebrated Globe of Honour Award for 2016.  The Award ceremony occurred on November 25, 2016, at the Drapers’ Hall situated in the City of London.

OSI opened the list of 18 organizations internationally that bagged the Globe of Honour in 2016. The criteria for earning a spot as a contestant for the Globe of Honour accolade entailed achieving a maximum of five stars after an environmental management audit conducted by the British Safety Council. The audit took placed from August 2015 to July 2016. Also, these contestants must have proved to an independent board of professionals that they are competent in the management of the environment.

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Lynda Armstrong’s Remarks

Armstrong sent his congratulatory message to the OSI Food Solutions for emerging a winner of the distinguished Globe of Honour for 2016. Armstrong stated that the accolade recognizes the efforts of various businesses and individuals in managing environmental risks. She noted that premier organizations were increasingly embracing an integrated approach to environmental management. She added that focusing on environmental protection, health, and safety could make operations of manufacturing firms more sustainable.

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