Roberto Santiago: From Being a Writer to a Shopping Mall Tycoon

Born in the city of Joao Pessoa, Roberto Santiago dreamed of becoming a successful businessman someday. The young Robert Santiago wanted to contribute something to his city, and he thought of building a business that would make him insanely rich. After graduating from the university, Roberto Santiago focused on becoming an article writer. He would write articles for publications and be compensated for his talent, and sometimes, he is being contracted to write content for a variety of stuff. With the rise of the internet in the late 1980s, Roberto Santiago shifted his platform and started to blog online. He managed to grow his following, until there are already thousands of people who are reading his works. Thinking that he would never become wealthy by just writing online, Roberto Santiago thought of an idea, but his mind could not think properly so he decided to go around the city to look for inspiration. He got near a vacant lot, and had the idea of transforming the location into a business center. He purchased the lot in 1987, and he worked with several contractors to build his first shopping center. In 1989, Roberto Santiago opened the mall to the public, and named it Manaira Shopping. He is very proud of the achievement that he unlocked, and he believes that one day, his dear city of Joao Pessoa would be flooded with businesses that would exponentially push the economy of the city upward. The establishment of Manaira Shopping changed the way the people of Joao Pessoa lives.


The mall, considered to be the largest in the state of Paraiba in Brazil, went under several occasions of renovation and expansion. Because of these renovations and expansions, Manaira Shopping has become larger than ever. The mall now has world class movie experience, a delectable selection of fresh and sumptuous food at the food court and the gourmet section, hundreds of shops to choose from, and a number of facilities that can cater to those who are paying for a visit. Manaira Shopping has also transformed to become a sustainable micro-city, and a lot of residential complexes are being built around the mall’s vicinity.


Roberto Santiago thanked everyone who keeps on supporting his projects concerning the creation of malls throughout Brazil. He revealed his next project to be in the cities of Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. Currently, Roberto Santiago is looking for available plots of land where he can build his mall. He wanted the brand that he built to become a well-known Brazilian brand, which is why he is working double time to secure permits and start building his new malls. In Joao Pessoa, construction is under way for Roberto Santiago’s second mall.