Securus Technologies and Local Crime Prevention

When crimes in the city begin to rise, there is usually a good reason for it. In all my years in law enforcement, we have usually experienced spikes in crimes that are directly related to one issue on some level. What we discovered this time was that a gang leader was recently put in our local prison, and that day the crimes in the gang areas went on the rise. We didn’t know if it was a reaction to him being arrested or that the orders were being handed down from top-ranking gang members, but we intended to find out.


The trouble when you are dealing with the gangs in the city is that they are a very tight-knit group. There are not the types to be talking to police or anyone on the outside for that matter, so gathering information is a challenge on the streets. Even local resident will not talk to the police for fear of the gangs taking revenge on them. In order to get the answers we needed, we headed to the jail where this suspect was being held.


Just like on the streets, inmates don’t cooperate with the police on these matters. Luckily for us, Securus Technologies installed the call monitoring system officers use to keep order behind the prison walls. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says his team are dedicated to making the world safe, part of the reason these systems are in 2,600 jails.


The LBS software gave officers an alert the gang leader was using the phone the same time each night, actually, he was the last on the phones before they were turned off. It was discovered he was giving orders in code to street soldiers to cause mayhem in the city until he was released. We put a stop to that immediately.


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