Securus Technologies Revolutionizes Corrections Industry by Acquiring GovPayNet

Securus Technologies is set to acquire GovPayNet. The leading service provider for advanced, technological solutions and investigations will have expanded its operating portfolio by purchasing GovPayNet. The news comes in a few months into the company’s acquisition of JayPay.


Background Look


GovPayNet is a prominent category leader in providing tailor –made payment solutions in form of credit and debit cards. In addition, the firm provides its clients with flexible, payment options to cater for court fines, paroles, cash bails and speeding. GovPayNet’s services extend to parking violations and tax payments. This explains why Securus Technologies commits to acquiring this company. To make matters better, the company has offered its services to more than 2,300 agencies across the United States. This is a reflection of its commitment to transforming the community.


The Acquisition


In the matter, Robert Pickens, the head cheerleader of Securus Technologies, stated that the company was elated to be part of GovPayNet. This is because for years, GovPayNet has proven itself in terms of service and products delivery. Pickens continued to state that the additional portfolio of products was an impressive track record of performance.




In the past, GovPayNet, under the guidance of Mr. Mark MacKenzie, has relied on its ability to provide excellent services to its clients. With his team, GovPayNet has established a strong payment platform. Mark MacKenzie stated that he was proud to be associated with Securus Technologies, a company that has invested in modern technology for community safety.


Securus Technologies


With its main office in Carrolton, Texas, Securus Technologies has served over 1,000 clients in public safety. The ever expanding firm has also worked with more than 1,000,000 inmates in North America and its surroundings. Every month, Securus Technologies invents a gadget to aid in communication. The idea is based on enhancing safety across the border.