So, What’s the Deal with Traveling Vineyard?

The wine trade is an ancient one. For thousands of years, it has basically followed a simple model. A vineyard is established, grapes are grown and harvested, then turned into wine. At some point when the wine is ready to be bottled, it is sold either to individual consumers or distributors. Then in 2001 a company came along and broke that tradition. That company is called The Traveling Vineyard. What makes them unique? The answer is astoundingly simple. They buy the best grapes or wines from different growers at different times of the year. The reason for this is because no grower can consistently produce a good crop every season. The founders of the company personally travel to different vineyards and taste the grapes and choose accordingly.

This unique business model allows the Traveling Vineyard to decide which product they want to make at what time frame. With this model, they can take advantage of the best grapes at any given season. Not only do they buy from local growers, but they also do business with European and South American vineyards. All of this means that the company is not a slave of a specific grower or wine producer or even a specific variety of grapes! One can only imagine the limitless options this type of wine company must enjoy! “The proof is in the pudding” as an old saying goes, or in this case, it is in the wine. The result of all this diversifying is a wine company that produces the right kind of wine at the right time at the most competitive cost. No wonder the Traveling Vineyard enjoys one of the highest satisfaction rates in the industry!

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The good news is that it is possible to join them and sell their products. You can become a wine guide and it costs around $175 to join. The price includes everything you need to get started. This includes a success kit and first two tasting sets. The success kit includes bags, brochures, bottle openers, order forms and first two tasting kits. It also comes with your own website which is free for the first three months. The Traveling Vineyard has its own Facebook page, which you can use to promote the products. The idea behind all of this is for you to take the product to the consumer, have tasting sessions, then sell the product. Sales commission depends on the volume of sales but is typically between 15 and 35%.

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