Talk Fusion’s Plans For 2018 Include New Products

In 2018, CEO Bob Reina plans to announce new products, which will enhance the company’s already formidable line of products. The new dashboard for the Video Suite is only the first of the forward-thinking company’s planned improvements. Reina wants to change how we communicate, with easy-to-use WebRTC-powered technology that does not require any plug-ins. Customers that use Talk Fusion’s existing products stand out from the competition; they will have even more of an advantage as Talk Fusion adds new products.


Talk Fusion’s commercial and nonprofit customers can create video emails to send in bulk, and then store the videos on Talk Fusion’s website. The video email service is very affordable, however, the Video Suite and Pro edition are even better values, since each includes Talk Fusion’s full line of products, which include video chat, video newsletters, live meetings and sign-up forms.


Video email was the company’s first product. Customers have vibrant templates to select from, which cover many occasions, including promotions, customer appreciation, fundraising and many more. Talk Fusion’s video newsletters have responsive templates and they are easy to create with a drag and drop feature. With live meetings, customers enjoy all of the features of an expensive virtual meeting service, such as the ability to have up to 500 participants, at a far lower cost. Meeting can be recorded as well, for those who could not attend. Video chat is equally impressive; it works on any device and it a customer uses it for professional purposes, there is an online/offline status feature.


Reina decided that he would make Talk Fusion a network marketing company and allow independent associates from around the world build a business for themselves. He personally trains Talk Fusion University’s students online; Reina was a highly successful network marketing professional before he founded Talk Fusion. The university is free for Talk Fusion associates and translations are available since Talk Fusion has associates in over 140 countries.


Talk Fusion’s customers consist of startups, major corporations and nonprofits, since video is an engaging and effective marketing and fundraising tool. Their customers enjoy having all the video marketing tools that they need in one affordable package. Learn more: