The Recognition, Achievements and Passion for Safety of Securus Technologies

The more complicated, modern and centralized the world today, the more prone our systems to blow up and create risks and black swans, or those highly improbable events but have tremendous damage or impact. In the case of Securus Technologies, one of the highest levels of problems that it faces is the advent of drone technologies and the threats it poses to society.



The Drone Threats



In a report from The Business Wire, an official statement shows that drones are being used right now to deliver contraband goods, such as guns, drugs, and cellphones inside the prisons that the inmates can use and cause damage to the people. Many corrections officials, according to Business Wire, confirm that drones are already a significant cause of worry for the officials inside prisons. With such threats, Securus Technologies, the leading provider of solutions for various tech problems in administering justice and monitoring public safety, has responded by creating a drone detection program using a digital antenna structure.



This solution is similar to the previous product of Securus Technologies, the Wireless Containment Solutions, which helps correctional facilities detect outside calls and immediately hang them up.With the Drone Detection and Capture Tech that Securus has, prison officers can not only secure the safety of their employees but also protect the inmates’ security and prevent contraband from entering the prisons. These drone incidents are not too many that they’re a national concern, but they are enough to cause the officers and policymakers to muster the courage to innovate and find preventive solutions. I don’t think it makes sense to fully allocate the entire national government budget to answer the problem of drones all over the prisons, but it’s not also a reason for us to be complacent about the possible threats of drones.



The Awards



About these concerted efforts of Securus Technologies, it is also safe to include here the fact that right now Securus Technologies has earned enough trust by the authorities to have been able to get an unsparing and yet humbling set of awards from the Stevie Awards for their excellent sales and customer service. After the drone detection program of Securus and this award, I think there’s still a lot of excitement and innovation ahead in the business growth of Securus. Also, I also believe the awards that Securus Technologies has managed to compile are also an indication that the company is still able to sustain its ranking and position as the leading provider of tech-enabled solutions for law enforcement and payment services for government functions. I think the awards mean that Securus sees the need to stay on top of the competition and makes sure that their solutions are still responsive to their clients, customers and various stakeholders.