The Rewards Associated with Using Securus Technology Solutions

Christmas is right around the corner once more. Millions of prisoners will miss out on the special holiday moments. The only reprieve for this lot is to use prison calling service providers. It’s very expensive to call someone in jail. There’s a certain video shared on Youtube. The moving video features a small kid talking to the father who is incarcerated. The viewer sees the boy talking briefly and then opening up his Christmas gifts. The dad is moved beyond words. The dad looks happy to hear the voice of the child.


Make this Christmas Special using Securus


These kinds of scenarios are replicated all over the nation. Courtesy of companies like Securus, parents, do not feel so detached from the lives of their loved ones back home. At Securus, there’s something for everyone. Their budgets notwithstanding. To start using their services, visit their official website and fill in the sign-up form. Chat with the live support and get their informed views and opinions about the different packages available. Use the sites’ FAQ section to search for answers to any queries you might be having.


Call, Video, SMS and Voicemail Supported


The unprecedented success of Securus stems from the fact that they have simplified the lives of millions. Instead of queuing for hours on end after traveling far distances just to see a loved one in prison, you just pre-schedule a video call, and that’s all. The Securus app supports all the leading gadgets. You could call with an iPad, iPhone, tablets, an Android smartphone or even using your laptop. In case you are a bit squeezed of time, why not leave the incarcerated person a voicemail which only costs $1.99.


Topping up your account is simple. The most common option involves using a credit/debit card. Alternatively, one could go with MoneyGram, Pay by Mail for the AdvanceConnect accounts or the Western Union. It’s important to read the user terms and conditions carefully.


About Securus


Securus got founded in 1986. Its current headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia. The tech firm has a staff population ranging in between 500 to 1000. The company also specializes in tracking offenders who have been released and are on parole. So far, the establishment has acquired close to ten rival businesses to solidify their grip and hold in the industry.


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  1. Trave Melvin

    December 7, 2016 3:17 pm,

    The technology firm has branches in 45 states inside the US. In the recent past, the company has expanded to neighboring nations namely Canada and in Mexico. I have also come to see that has being brutally honest with the ways things are handled properly.

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