The Rising Latino Music Star- Norka Luque

There is always something beautiful and magical about Latin music, it lifts the spirit and makes one want to dance. Top Latino musicians such as Shakira, Gloria Estefan, Trevi, Ricky Martin, and Natalia Jimenez took the Latino with a big bang. They have turned American dance clubs into Latino-hubs and crossed over the world of pop music. A great singer withstands the test of time, so it is painfully difficult for young musicians to make their way into the highly competitive Latino music scene.

However, one Venezuelan has gone against all odds to make a name for herself. The talented young singer is Norka Luque, a Latino music sensation. Her songs have gone reached many places in the United States, proving that she has what it takes to succeed in the Latino music industry. She released her first single song in 2011, and it instantly became a hit in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Miami. Her single song, Milagro played on Billboard Charts, and it later found its way to majority dance clubs. The song continually stayed at the top of Music Charts for more than 14 consecutive weeks.

Although Miami is a vibrant and sunny location, it is not the place where Norka calls her home. She was born in the capital of Venezuela, in South America in 1986. After graduating from high school, she moved to France. Her primary intention was to learn the French language. For many years in France, Norka attended multiple schools in France that taught her everything in the world of business administration. She extensively learned a lot of subjects ranging from fashion, marketing to culinary arts. During her stay in the European country, she tried to establish herself with the Bad Moon Rising Band, a musical group that performed in different occasions.

Norka Luque’s musical journey has never been a walk in the park. She has continually struggled with her health and career. Her health went to a major downfall in 2014 because of multiple epileptic attacks.

The word impossible is nonexistent in Norka Luque’s world. She went through a personal crisis that almost cost her her dream. She fully recovered and regained perfect health and a perfect body shape. She today shares the same personal trainer with Shakira and Beyonce.

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    She experienced a brain surgery in 2015 and fully recovered. Such hardship is the inspiration she sings. Whenever her songs play, people get motivated that there is hope even when things seem difficult. That could also mean that the best dissertation writing services will really have a lot to write concerning.

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