Tobias Jaeger has Relentlessly Worked Hard in his Career Path and is Surely Living his Dreams

Tobias Jaeger is an accomplished businessman based in Berlin Germany. He is skilled in managing and growing businesses across a range of industries. Tobias can accredit his success in business to his training in international business, which he received from Texas A&M University and Maastricht University. His ability to foster lasting relationships with people of all walks has also played a key role in his successful career path.


Early Career Life


Tobias Jaeger demonstrated his business skills in his university days when he started his first venture, Business Associates Europe. The company offered consultation services to top organizations in Netherlands. The services included research support conducted by his fellow students. Tobias was skilled enough to grow the firm beyond the borders to serve international clients. After completing his university education, Tobias Jaeger did not relent in continuing with his business endeavors. He shifted his focus to e-gaming where he co-founded StrategosPoker together with a top Poker player. The online-based firm offered poker lessons to enthusiasts of the game.


Dreams Come True


Tobias Jaeger had always had an interest in propagating personal empowerment programs drawn from industries’ leaders. His focus was to see budding entrepreneurs soar high in their professionals through such programs. His interest led him to Entrepreneur Academy where he was engaged as the Managing Director. The company offered entrepreneurs around Europe and the Middle East with training on personal empowerment. It had always been his dream to join the entertainment industry, which is why he jumped at an opportunity that emerged in 2012. He was involved in the development of the Thought for Food documentary by Swiss initiative. The documentary expounded on how new business strategies aimed at feeding the globe are designed using modern technologies by future business leaders. After successful recordings at various locations across the world, including India, Kenya, Switzerland, Netherland, and the United States, the initiative managed to bring on board investors who became supporters of the initiative.


Current Engagement


Tobias Jaeger continued with his career in entertainment by taking part in the launch of an entertainment equity fund, AXIOM Pictures. He worked with stakeholders in the media industry which led to his next venture AXIOM Venture Capital. He had realized that major entertainment companies were changing from signing one-project contracts to longtime contracts. Such contracts called for good financing which the firm could provide. Currently, he is the head of the M&A advisory arm of the firm. He also heads the corporate finance division besides being the Managing Partner.


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