Water Contamination Problems Eased At Squaw Valley Ski Resort

A recent water quality issue affecting a small, isolated region of Squaw Valley appears to be coming towards its conclusion after officials from Placer County Environmental Health Department reported success was being achieved in restoring the water to its usual safe levels. Statements have been released by both Squaw Valley and Placer County detailing the response to the water quality problems and the success that is being seen in restoring the water supply to the Upper Mountain region to its usual safe levels.


Liesl Kenney, Public Relations Director at Squaw Valley gave some background to the issues and an update on the success that is already being seen in restoring the water to its earlier safe drinking levels; Kenney revealed a 2016 renovation of the groundwater wells had only recently been completed as the resort was looking to take seriously its responsibilities in keeping all visitors safe at all times. The unexpected levels of rain that struck the Olympic Valley area resulted in E.Coli and Coliform being identified by Squaw Valley officials before any contaminated water made its way into the water supply for visitors.


Fortunately, the contamination struck a small portion of the mountain, which has remained open for skiing at all times, and only pushed bacteria into four wells serving the Gold Coast and High Camp locations. The Upper Mountain area will remain open at all times with complimentary bottled water being provided for visitors skiing these always popular Californian slopes.


Liesl Kenney also reassured visitors they faced no issues when it comes to the water contamination as the resort is refusing to restart the water supply until public health officials from the Placer County and Squaw Valley authorities declare the supply safe for drinking. The water supply is already returning to safe levels with the aid of work completed by Placer County Environmental Health officials and independent water quality experts employed by Squaw Valley.