Why Limecrime Is A Hit For Makeup Lovers

A makeup company that is known to be controversial is creating lines of brightly colored makeup choices which breaks all the rules of makeup. People who love bright colors, like to stand out against others will all agree that Limecrime is the makeup brand to use. Known to people in the makeup business and followers of Limecrime, Doe Deere- the Queen of the Unicorns has spent her years creating a line of makeup for lovers that want to break all the rules.


Born and raised in Russia, Doe Deere came to the United States at the young age of 17. Upon moving to the United States, Doe took to New York City and decided to spend many years there. After joining a band, meeting her husband and creating a line of followers, Doe and her family moved to California.


By participating in the band, Doe learned a number of tricks that would pay off to be useful for her marketing on Limecrime. It taught her how to be successful in the marketing of the brand and to appreciate everyone who purchases the items that they sell.


When Doe was interviewed and asked questions surrounding her personal life and business aspects, Doe lets her followers know how much she loves what she does. When she was a young girl, Doe loved to play around with makeup and spent time creating temporary tattoos that she would then sell to her friends.


When Doe is asked about giving advice to fellow women, Doe speaks about being in tune with your own self. You have to believe that there is something special in everyone and enhancing it is what makes others see you in a different light. As you begin to find yourself and realize the skills you possess, you will start to see a difference in how others will see you.


The Limecrime brand was initially started in the year 2008 once Doe discovered a market for bright colors. The makeup that she makes coincides with the bright colors that women and men love to wear. Her makeup line is not solely aimed at women since a number of men are now using makeup products themselves. By making an intense pigmented makeup, Doe found a jump in sales through shops she operated on E-Bay and other sites. Once she found her individuality in the makeup industry, it wasn’t long before her name was all over the internet.


When people think of a name in the business which brings influence to others, Doe Deere is one person that people think about. She creates a line of products aimed at your lips, eyes, nails, hair and more. There is no shortage in the products that Limecrime makes. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/