Four facial exercises that eliminate the nasolabial folds.

Four facial exercises that eliminate the nasolabial folds.

You have to exercise to make your face look younger?
preventing nasolabial folds
Four facial exercises.

a thumbs-up exercise

Or when the elasticity of the upper lip nasal mucus is reduced,
If the cheekbone next to the nose is sagged due to a lot of flesh and muscles.
visibly deepens
Therefore, solving these two cases is not a good idea.
It can be said to be the key to managing nasolabial folds.
In conclusion, skin elasticity is also related to muscles.
To increase the elasticity of the cheekbones and cheekbones by the nose.
Let’s get our skin taut through aran exercise.

1 Place your thumb on the horizontal line that meets the tip of your nose under the black pupil.
2 Press gently from bottom to top.
Repeat 10 times for breakfast and dinner.

a double-finger crusade against nasolabial folds

It’s time for both fingers to step up.
The key to this action is ‘lifting’.
as if to draw loose dermis.
If you massage steadily, the muscles in your skin will react.

1 Lightly apply the index finger and middle finger of both hands to cheekbones and cheeks.
2 Sweep up the cheek muscles between the chin and cheekbones.
Repeat three times every morning and five times every evening.

a tongue-tied crusade against nasolabial folds

There is no bone in the part of the nasolabial fold!
That’s why it’s important to keep your muscles strong.
It’s important.
If you train the wheelbarrow around your mouth,
You can stop the wrinkles from getting deeper.
Keep up the good work.

1 Put your tongue to your left molar.
Slowly scan the gums along the inside of the ball and rotate them.
At the same time, turn your eyes up left along the tip of your tongue.
2 If the peak between the front teeth and lips is reached,
This time, move your tongue to the right.
Along the tip of the tongue, the eyes also move to the right.
3 Drop your tongue from the right to the bottom.
At the same time, the eyes are down from right to right.
Repeat the opposite direction 3 times.

If you turn your TIP eyes together, it can irritate your entire face muscles, so it’s good to feel tense.

star’s crusade against nasolabial folds

1 Open your mouth in the shape of a ‘ya’
2 Make a ‘Oh’ pronunciation by covering the gums and teeth with lips.
3 Check that the nasolabial folds are straightened, count 10 seconds, and relax your face.
Repeated every time I think of it.

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