Cold as water, pregnant women, be more careful


Cold as water, pregnant women, be more careful.


There are many people who worry about the cold that flows like water. There seem to be a lot of people searching for information on the Internet, but there aren’t many articles that tell you exactly. Today, we will talk about the causes of these symptoms and how to deal with them. First of all, we need to check when, how much, and how the flowing cold water comes out. The reason why you should know when you come out is that when ovulation occurs, cervical mucus can flow out, so it can produce cold flowing like water.

It doesn’t come out completely like water, and it’s a little viscous like egg whites. It can come in a transparent, slightly blood-stained brown color. The ovulation period is about two weeks before the scheduled date of menstruation, and may start two to three days before the date of ovulation and appear until the day after the ovulation.

Menstruation begins 13 to 14 days after the mucus stops, so you can see if it was ovulation by looking at the start date of menstruation. It is also to distinguish how much ovulation symptoms are. Underwear can come out a little wet, and you may feel like you’re getting cold secretions that make it difficult to not wear panty liners.

Some people have a lot of ovulation blood, so you should also observe how much ovulation blood you receive when determining whether underwear is a symptom of ovulation. The reason for observing how it comes out is that there are cases of vaginitis in addition to ovulation symptoms. It is not usually transparent, but it is characterized by color, mass, odor, or itching.

There are many types of vaginitis, but Trichomonas vaginitis can cause cold symptoms that flow like water. Trichomonas is caused by single-celled protozoa, which is characterized by inhabiting male and female genitals and is not observed by the eyes. It is rare for children and women who do not have marital relationships. The presence of this vaginitis can cause odors, tingles, itching, etc. in addition to watery cold.

Cold can also represent yellow or light green. If you have trichomonas vaginitis, you should avoid the relationship until the treatment is complete and usually require a treatment period of one to two weeks. If left unattended, it can develop into bladder inflammation or pelvic inflammation, and the incidence of endometriosis can be doubled. If the mother is infected, about 5% of the girls who give birth can get infected at birth, so pregnant women should be more careful.

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