Movie girl plot ending beautiful visual beauty


Movie girl plot ending beautiful visual beauty


Today, I’m going to talk to you about something that I’ve been really interesting.

Let me introduce the plot and ending of the movie.

For your information, it’s a movie that’s rated “Unavailable for Youth.”

There’s a lot of exposure scenes in the story, and there’s a feeling of filthyness.

What makes me feel beautiful is director Park Chan-wook’s.

I thought it might be an ability.

Before we start the story of the movie, the original film of this movie is…

It’s called Fingersmith, an English novel, and it’s Victorian.

It’s an adaptation of the story like this is how it’s done. I haven’t seen the original.

I don’t know how it’s changed, but if I get the chance,

I want to see the original one.

This movie is composed of three parts, and in part one, there is Sook-hee (Kim Tae-ri’s)

Proceeds from the point of view. Japanese colonial era Joseon Dynasty was famous for its time.

Born as the daughter of a thief, Kim Tae-ri grew up in the hands of her mother Bok-soon (Lee Yong-nyeo).

I was living by selling abandoned babies to Japan.

Then one day, at the house of the fence, Count Fujiwara (Ha Jung-woo), a swindler, came to his house.

I’m coming to see him, and he’s now working on a girl named Hideko.

I’m looking for a smart girl who can serve as a maid.

Tempted Kim Min-hee to get married, locked her up in a mental hospital.

I’m planning on stealing all her property.

Send Suk-hee to Kim Min-hee as a maid and use her to love herself.

He’s got a plan to do it’s a plan. But I live with Kim Min-hee.

My uncle Kozuki (Cho Jin-woong), who is a guardian, wants to be a Japanese.

As a Korean, I received the right to excavate gold mines for the construction of the base of Japan.

He collects books and paintings with the money he earns, and later with Japanese women,

After his wife died, he was married, and now he’s his nephew.

I have married her to take over Kim Min-hee’s fortune.

For your information, Kim Tae-ri is known as Little Forest (2018).

I’ve never seen her in a movie before.

I was surprised by his innocent and student-like appearance.

But still, it was shocking to do this kind of exposure scene.

Late at night, she came into the mansion and became Kim Min-hee’s exclusive maid.

When they look after her, they feel strange excitement and tension at each other.

I give you some sincere words for your naive Hideko.

Sooner or later, Count Fujiwara, the swindler, will visit you and begin your painting training.

Then, as planned by Ha Jung-woo, I want Kim Min-hee to lean on him.

It makes you fall into it regardless of what you really think. Then, Kim Min-hee.

I feel sorry for her because she’s trying to cheat, and I feel sorry for her.

The floating Hideko slaps her cheek.

And what should I do on the first night when Ha Jung-woo proposed to Sook-
When she said she didn’t know if she would, Sook-hee wanted to teach Hideco, who was naive.

From kisses to caress, she will be taught.

After that, Kozuki (Cho Jin-woong) fled to Japan after a week of absence.

I asked her to marry me, but she accepted it on the condition that I go with me.

After fleeing to Japan, I lived in an inn for a while, and Ha Jung-woo and Kim Min-hee’s

Kim Tae-ri appears to care about the sound of the vigil.

The next day, the blood stains on the blanket and Kim Min-hee, who seemed to be going crazy after that,

I’m trying to get the job done quickly, but when I went to a mental hospital,

The nurses catch Sook-hee and Ha Jung-woo and Kim Min-hee leave.

Then part two starts, part two goes to Hideko’s point of view.

Since I was a child, I’ve been subjected to physical and emotional abuse by my uncle Cho Jin-woong.

When I learn to grow up, I learn from Moon So-ri through a book of painting.

What’s that in the beginning? I wanted to.

Later, a Japanese lady (Moon So-ri) was seen reading books and reading them.

I found out that the identity of the thing was reading those painted novels.

The sound of a door that couldn’t withstand that much mental stress was the sound of a door against a cherry blossom tree.

Medal, you’re going to kill myself. When my aunt died, reading at a reading session

Let Kim Min-hee read it for you and act for you.

From that, I realized that Hideko (Kim Min-hee) wasn’t just naive.

Here, Ha Jung-woo is known as Sasaki (Kim Hae-sook), the deacon of Couzuki.

In fact, she is Cho Jin-woong’s Korean wife, and she continued to live after Moon So-ri died.

After finding out that she had been married, she gave Kim Min-hee at a later reading.

Ha Jung-woo, who watched, said that she would never marry someone because she loved them.

You think you’re not going to do it, you’re going to fake marriage,

I change my plan without Sook-hee knowing that I get freedom.

The plan is to make sure Cho Jin-woong can’t find Kim Min-hee, her maid.

I’m planning to keep Kim Tae-ri in a mental hospital disguised as Kim Min-hee.

After that, opium that can kill oneself will be given after the wedding for the wedding.

Then Kim Tae-ri encouraged Ha Jung-woo to marry her.

Frustrated, Kim Min-hee tried to hang herself on the cherry blossom tree where her aunt hung her head.

But Kim Tae-ri confesses that they have blocked it and deceived each other.

And the two who came to trust each other decided to use the Earl.

I am asking for your help to the family in the Boyoungdang.

And in part three, the twisted stories of the movie lady are all about.
The truth of the story of cheating and deceiving each other appears.

Ha Jung-woo confesses that he is in love with Kim Min-hee.

I’m proposing to marry you formally.

Kim Min-hee proposed again and put opium in the wine glass.

Feed Ha Jung-woo, knock him out, and take all his property.

I will be reunited with Kim Tae-ri. For your information, Kim Tae-ri is a member of the Bo Young Party.

It was after I escaped from a mental hospital safely.

Then Ha Jung-woo woke up and was taken away by Cho Jin-woong’s men.
Cho Jin-woong was tortured by cutting his fingers in the basement of the mansion.

You want me to describe what Cho-ya was like, but you want me to smoke.

He smokes a mercury cigarette in an unventilated basement and kills Cho Jin-woong.

He said he kept his core (male) and died gladly.

The truth about the bloodstains and groans in the inn is revealed.

After that, Sook-hee and Hideko were on the boat to Shanghai, and she said,

It ends with Kim Tae-ri doing the actions in the contents that I read.

I didn’t know it was this erotic movie, but I was surprised.

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