Forkball resurrects 147km-long troublesome fireballer


Forkball resurrects 147km-long troublesome fireballer.


147km high speed forkball.

This is the record that Shintaro Fujinami (27), a pitcher for the Hanshin Tigers in Japan’s professional baseball league, showed in a practice game.

According to Japan’s “Sankei Sports,” Fujinami started a practice game with Hiroshima Toyokaf at Okinawa’s Kinoza Stadium on the 21st and recorded two hits and three strikeouts in three innings. Fuji-na-mi threw a fastball of 160 kilometers and a forkball of 147 kilometers. He also threw sliders, two-seam, and cut fastballs 안전놀이터

Fuji-na-mi threw a forkball for the fourth time in the first inning with two outs and 1B2S, and struck out a false swing, when her arrest hit 147 kilometers. According to the above media, Fuji-na-mi said after the game, “The overall feeling was not bad. A high-speed forkball is a ball that is honed in the camp. “There was only one ball that I didn’t like,” he said.

Akihiro Yano, Hanshin manager greatly excited. “If Fujinami drops a forkball at that speed, the batter can’t hit easily,” Yano said. “If you throw a fastball, batters can respond even if the ball is fast, but if you mix a forkball that makes a fastball more powerful, it will be easy to induce a false swing,” he said positively looking at Fuji-Jinami’s wider pitch.

Until early last year, Fuji-na-mi was a headache for the club. Fuji-na-mi held a large-scale party with colleagues and acquaintances while the opening was postponed due to the Corona 19 virus in March last year, and held an apology press conference after being confirmed to have Covid-19. Later, Hu Jin-mi, who had been quiet, was late for training in May and was notified of her indefinite second military service.

Fujina-Mimi, who was seen as the ace representing Japan along with his colleague Shohei Otani, has little signs of growth. Last year, he had only one win and six losses in 24 games and a 4.01 ERA. After the season, his annual salary was cut for five consecutive years, and he received 60 million yen. Fujinami will try to enter the starting rotation again this season with fastballs.

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