376 billion won contract to pay 33.1 billion won to investment funds


376 billion won contract to pay 33.1 billion won to investment funds during SD Tartis Junior Minor Leaguer.


Fernando Tatis Jr. (22), an infielder for the San Diego Padres, who signed an astronomical contract worth 340 million dollars in 14 years last week, is said to have to pay nearly 30 million dollars to an investment fund 토토추천

The Wall Street Journal and other U.S. media recently reported that he signed a contract with an investment fund of a company called Big League Advance (BLA) when he was a minor leaguer after news of Tartis Jr.’s contract was announced.

The company is operating a fund that finds potential minor leaguers and pays them upfront and gets a certain share of the down payment back when they enter the Major League. Tatis Jr. was recruited from the Dominican Republic as a farm system in San Diego and reportedly signed with BLA’s fund before the 2018 minor league season began.

The fund came up with the investment method because former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Mark Schuyer is the CEO and minor leaguers are struggling financially. If the minor leaguer, who signed with the fund, succeeds in entering the Major League, he/she spends a certain portion of his/her salary to pay back, but if he/she fails to make it to the Major League, he/she is not obliged to pay back.

Thanks to this, more than 300 minor leaguers are reportedly signing contracts with the company. Fund companies analyze players according to their own algorithms, predict future earnings, and then determine their investment in players. It is not known how much Tatis Jr. received from BLA when he was a minor leaguer.

Tatis Jr., who has been playing with Kim Ha-sung since this season, has agreed to an extension contract with San Diego for the longest period in Major League history in 14 years and the third-largest amount ever. Los Angeles Dodgers Mookie Betts (340 million dollars) and Los Angeles Angels Mike Trout (365 million dollars).

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