The movie lover the lover, the sad and desperate


The movie lover the lover, the sad and desperate


L’Amant, The Lovers

Jane March, starring Yang Ga-hwi

I watched it properly two years ago and recently watched it again on Netflix, and every time I watch it, it is a new movie.

It’s an old movie that was released in 1992, and it’s a hit movie in Korea.

It is said that it was re-released in 16 years following its reputation, but it is regrettable that it was not seen at this time.

The poster I’m familiar with is this poster with Jane March’s face.

The movie is based on a long novel by French writer Marguerite Duras.

The novel won the French Goncourt prize, and the movie was well made.

There are not many likes and dislikes compared to books.

The background is Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam during the French colonial period, and it is said to have received favorable reviews for its beautiful production of Mekongkang.

The movie begins with a woman recalling her own 15-year-old days.

The heroine was played by Jane March.

At that time, she was 19 years old, so there were some words like bed scene or sensationalism.

And the main male character was played by a pair of scissors.

There are not many movies about lovers in the East and the West.

The girl is so unlucky.

The family’s economy tilted by father’s absence, and violent brother, soft brother.

At first glance she looks like a pretty nobleman, but if you look closely, a hat worn by men, an old dress, and worn-out shoes.

To directly show her poverty, the camera zooms in on each of her clothes.

Yang Ga-hui, son of a Chinese scriptwriter.

Yang Ga-hwi’s youth brings up Ju Ji-hoon’s face now.

The man falls in love with the girl’s beauty at first sight.

The age difference between the two is as much as 18 years.

Given the age difference between father and daughter, and the economic difference between the two, which is poles apart,

It seems like the movie has a sensational or Lolita element,

If you watch the movie to the end, you can see why it has been praised and even re-released for a long time.

The first meeting of the two, and the limousine scene, even if there were no special or excessive physical contact scenes,

Just holding hands gives the movie a great sense of immersion.

Jane March’s coquettish yet bold acting was impressive, and Yang Ga-hwi’s delicate acting was impressive.

In fact, the movie lovers have to watch it several times to see the true value of the movie.

The first time I saw him, he was immersed in the story.

Since then, when you look at it twice or three times, you will notice the message that the writer is trying to convey, and the delicate directing and acting skills.

A beautiful girl.

All she has is youth and beauty.

The blue house is the place of the two closets and one paradise.

I’ve never been to Vietnam, so I don’t know how it feels.

I don’t think it’s much different from the colonial days and now.

It was, of course, her beauty that a man fell in love with a girl,

But it didn’t mean that she wanted her body. I just loved her herself.

Lovers’ bed scenes can look either blatant, sensational or beautiful depending on the person they see.

I’ve been criticized for being too blatant to be like an adult erotic.

Even after 20 years, it has been praised as one of the beautiful bed scenes.

Personally, I didn’t feel so blatantly because of my delicate directing skills, not just the sex scenes.

When I watch the movie, I wonder if they are really lovers, just like the title of the movie.

The two meet and do nothing special except dragonflies.

They don’t eat together, but in their conversation, they don’t share the future.

They are Chinese and French and the girl is still too young.

In a way, meeting between the two is taboo.

I know it so well that I don’t talk about anything serious about their relationship.

In the scene of the girl’s family and the man’s meal scene,

It also shows the snobbish nature of her and her family, who are in cash.

A man has a marriage partner.

Soon the wedding had to be held, and in such a situation, the man suffers from love.

Unlike the early part, the more the girl’s emotions change as she moves to the second half, but she doesn’t show it clearly until she shows the ending scene.

When a man suffers from love, he does not show any emotional side.

So the man gets married and the man leaves the blue house where the two were closets.

The girl waits for him all day in an empty house.

In the last scene, the girl went back to France with her family.

The girl’s monologue was impressive.

As if to say good-bye, the boat horn went off.

The lift between the ship and the land slowly rose.

As I fell with the pier, I cried.

asked without showing tears.

My mom and brother didn’t know, but I was sad.

It was our habit not to show our feelings.

The best scene that many people choose

As he did in his first meeting, when he parted, he watched her from afar in the car and saw her off.

He was there,

It was him who sat in the back seat.

I could barely see the shape.

He was looking at me without a hitch.

I leaned against the ship as I first met him.

I knew he was watching and I saw him.

Even though he was not seen, he kept looking at the car.

Later, there was no car in sight, no harbors and no land.

The girl later realizes that the feelings she felt towards the man were love.

Suddenly on the deck came Chopin’s waltz.

I shed tears because I remembered him from Chollon.

My lover.

I wasn’t sure if I loved him.

At this moment when I hear music flowing through the sea,

Only then did I realize that I had lost my love like water that permeated the sand,

I shed endless tears.

After the war, the girl got married, had children, divorced, and wrote a book.

The girl had become a famous writer.

And one day I get a phone call.

He was nervous and his voice was shaking.

At last he spoke.

I’m not going to stop loving you and love you until you die.

Is there another romantic movie like this?

Don’t let your lover be regarded as just a sexual movie or suggestive movie.

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