the greatest war film of all time at the time of Pearl Harbor.


the greatest war film of all time at the time of Pearl Harbor.


Pearl Harbor

Original title: Pearl Harbor

2001 American film

Director: Michael Bay

Production: Jerry Bruckheimer

Music: Hans Zimmer

Starring ; Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Kate Beckinsale

John Boyt, Alec Baldwin, Cuban Cudding Jr.

Tom Sizemore, William Lee Scott, Jamie King

Dan Icroyd, Michael Shannon, Jennifer Garner.

December 7, 1941 is a very important day in the 20th century war history. Japan’s supply of U.S. military bases in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, caused tremendous damage, and the day’s attack resulted in the Pacific War between the U.S. and Japan, which led to the U.S. participation in World War II.

There have been countless films related to this Pacific War. After Pearl Harbor was supplied, President Roosevelt launched a retaliatory attack, in which an aviation corps led by James Doolittle attacked Tokyo, and the movie was “30 Seconds in Tokyo,” starring Spencer Tracy in 1944. It was quickly made into a film two years after the actual incident, when the war was not completely over. In the same year, director Louis Milestone, who had already dealt with the horrors of war films with “The Western Front,” released a film called “Attack on Pearl Harbor.” Both films quickly appeared in the ongoing war. And in 1970, Dora Dora Dora dealt with the Pearl Harbor air raid, which was described as “Touched a Sleeping Lion,” and in 1976 All-Star casting film “Midway” deals with the Battle of Midway, which separates the fortunes of the Pacific War after Doolittle’s attack on Tokyo. The war movies for U.S. soldiers during World War II are about the German war against the Nazis and some about the Pacific war with Japan.

Today’s review of “Jinju Bay” is a film about Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor against the backdrop of World War II and the ensuing U.S. retaliatory strikes on Tokyo. It was created by director Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer, the best combination of box office hits such as The Rock and Armageddon in the 90s, and Hans Zimmer was in charge of music. As a war movie, all-time production costs were poured into it, and it is a masterpiece with a long story and a huge scale of about three hours. It was a movie made by two people who had enjoyed several box office successes in the ’90s, and with all their might, it was an ambitious movie.

The beginning of the movie is a scene where two boys, still young, play with airplanes after World War I. When these boys grew up and joined the U.S. Army in the 1940s during World War II, they became responsible for the aircraft. Rape (Ben Affleck) and Danny (Josh Hartnett) are trained as aircraft pilots as they pass physical tests and proudly join the Army. One-leaf was in a situation where she was rejected because of poor eyesight, but she was very close to the nurse in charge of the physical examination, so she passed the exam with a slight expedient, which led to her relationship with Evelyn (Kate Beckinsale), the nurse.

The focus of this opening, the realistic portrayal of war, goes from war movies to these seemingly unnecessary romance movies for more than an hour. Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer, who have tasted the box office success, tried to catch two rabbits trying to achieve both this grandiose romance drama and the ambition of war blockbusters, but it seems a little too much from the start. Despite its enormous scale and realistic battle scenes, the film is not very well-received on the war movie list because it is so much about this cliche and predictable romance.

So, the movie is not about the case, it’s about to go to the center of the character, and it’s about to end the love triangle between the three of us, Rape, Danny, and Evelyn. Conflicts caused by a woman who loved one woman together, a woman who loved two men together, and a woman who had been dreaming of becoming a pilot since childhood.Was it because a few years ago the movie Titanic caught two rabbits, disaster and romance? “Jinju Bay” has greatly strengthened the romance story, and as the time drags on to three hours, the war is a backseat and leads to this trite love triangle.

Rape will be sent to Doolittle (Aleg Baldwin) and sent to Britain as an air combatant. Evelyn, who was exchanging letters with her, one day she was shocked by the news of her death, but she managed to recover from Danny’s comfort and his sense of duty as a nurse officer, and fell in love with Danny, who consoled her by her side. In this situation, one day the ramp pops up. Leif, who survived the drama and went to Evelyn with overwhelming joy, was delighted with her life, but felt something strange about her life, and eventually found out about the relationship between Danny and Evelyn, so she and Danny were hit in the bar… …

Sometimes Hollywood commercial movies feel like Korean movies that work well with popular romance, and so does “Jinju Bay.” That’s why Michael Bay’s movies worked well in Korea… Anyway, Ben Affleck has been hired to work on Michael Bay’s masterpiece a year after Armageddon, and he’s the best air pilot in the United States, a hot love man, and a man who leads a burning friendship with a friend.

The most interesting part of the movie is the Pearl Harbor air raid scene, which was so great that it was said to have poured the most explosives in the history of the film. Especially, the scene of flying a ship while following a bomb dropped from the air is excellent and vividly conveys the horror of the bomb drop. But even in these spectacular scenes, Michael Bay goes too far, and that’s the scene of a hospital raid. This scene is said to have been controversial by both the U.S. and Japan, but there was no actual bombing of a hospital by the Japanese military. For the dramatic part of the movie, the setting I put in to describe the barbaric part of Japan shows the hard work and bravery of the heroine Evelyn, the death of a nurse named Betty, one of the main characters, and the sorrow and revenge of a soldier engaged to Betty.

After the Pearl Harbor raid, the famous Colonel Doolittle now selects the characters of the revenge attack and, of course, Danny and Rape. The love triangle, which is not over yet, is another childish scene. Evelyn said, “I’m pregnant, I’ll be faithful to Danny for the rest of my life, but I’ll think of you when I see the sunset sunset.” Ha, this feels like a Korean wrote a scenario. In this scene, most of the audience will already predict the outcome of the Japanese air strike. With Evelyn in between, Danny and Rape’s tug-of-war and war of nerves, and their unending strong friendship… The number one popular drama is definitely Korea, but the Hollywood blockbusters have introduced it a lot….

The reason why the movie, which can be made for two hours, dragged on for three hours is because of the love triangle and friendship that unfolds around three people, and in this story, it deals with the war between the Pearl Harbor air strikes and the Tokyo air strikes. The entertainment fun was just as high, and the scale and scale of the movie were excellent. Nevertheless, the proportion of the drama of the three characters who eat up the main theme of war makes the movie quite cliché. It is a work that shows the excessive limitations of Michael Bay, who has achieved several great business successes, and it seems to suit the tastes of Koreans who like Shinpa and Love Romance.

Michael Bay, who emerged as the “Bad Guys,” was a young director in the ’90s who hit “The Rock” and “Amageddon” every month, and in 2001 “Jinju Bay” was quite successful, and of course, with a profit of $198 million, slightly below expectations, he was ranked sixth in the all-American entertainment charts in 2001. It was a huge success, but the cost-effectiveness of my job costs is not that high. Since then, Michael Bay has continued to maintain his reputation as a box office director by directing the “Transformers” series, but his reputation has not been very high, and his ability as a director has reached a certain limit. It will be remembered to some extent as a director of box office hits, but it will not be highly regarded as a competent director.

The person who appeared in a similar era to Michael Bay and had a kind of a box office rival is Roland Emerich, who emerged as the top box office director with “Independence Day.” He later directed blockbusters such as ‘Godzilla’ Tomorrow’ and ‘2012’ and created entertainment films that were in competition with Michael Bay, both of which are somewhat limited, as they are remembered as professional directors of entertainment that cost more than their depth as directors, but in 2019, Roland Emerich returned to the Pacific War film ‘Midway’. The Battle of Midway is, in a way, a story that has been shown in the film Pearl Harbor since then. It was a major naval battle between the U.S. and Japan after the bombing of Tokyo. The two directors came up side by side in the same generation and showed limitations together, but each of them produced a Pacific War film with 18 years of gap. “Midway” has given the impression that it is a complete end to the era of Roland Emery, with a poor showing, and I’ll tell you the details separately from the film review.

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