“Life” Kim Jung-min said, “My current performance is 70%

“Life” Kim Jung-min said, “My current performance is 70%…I want to be an indispensable supporter.”

“Life” Kim Jung-min has vowed to win the remaining matches that are on the horizon with his long-term goals without mistakes. 파워볼사이트

In the second game of the 8th week of the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer held at Roll Park in Seoul on the 9th, Gen.G. regained its third place position, which had been lost to the T1 victory in the 1st game, with a 2:1 victory over KT Rollster. The gap between Gen.G and T1 has become a set, as the team succeeded in restoring its ranking, but it was not a clean 2-0 win unlike the T1 in the previous game.

“Life” Kim Jung-min, who was interviewed after the match, also regretted this. Kim Jung-min said, “I won hard. He didn’t seem to have a good performance and made many mistakes. I’m happy to win in the end, but it’s a disappointing victory.

Zenji did not have an easy victory against KT this year. Kim Jung-min said, “There are a lot of old players, so I know how to win a game, and I think they are aiming for a loophole based on this,” and added, “If I am hit by KT’s trick, the game has become difficult.” Regarding the second set that lost, he also analyzed, “The bottom collapsed too big in the beginning and did not benefit even though there was strength on the upper body.”

As a result, the team maintained its third place position by winning the KT match, but the gap with the fourth-place T1 became only one set. “First of all, I think I should cheer for the other teams after winning all the games.” He said it’s not bad to raise Gen.G’s ranking after Damwon and DRX lost, but it’s also good to go up from the bottom. When asked why, Kim Jung-min replied, “It was cool to see teams from below win.” 파워볼게임

In an interview with Pomos last time, acting coach Joo Young-dal said, “Kim Jung-min is still doing well, but he has not shown anything properly.” Kim Jung-min also said, “It depends on the condition, but I think it shows about 70 percent of what I ultimately want to be.” While talking about the merits of “Berill” Cho Kun-hee and “Keria” Ryu Min-seok, Kim said, “The supporters’ play also varies depending on Meta and team tendencies. I’m a supporter who can play the way the team wants, and can change at any time,” he said.

What would Kim look like when he made up for 30 percent and maximized his strengths? “I want to be an indispensable supporter of the team,” Kim said. “I want my team to be enough players to feel I need them,” he added.

Kim Jung-min, who said, “I want to win the remaining games without any mistakes, said lastly, “Thank you for always supporting me.” We hope to see you soon after the end of Corona 19,” the interview concluded.

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