Actor Kim Hee-ae’s Age Key Profile Instagram


Actor Kim Hee-ae’s Age Key Profile Instagram


Kim Hee Ae


23 April 1967

Jeju Island Jeju City

164 cm, 49 kg

Chung-Ang University (Master of Journalism and Broadcasting)

Born April 23, 1967. Born in Jeju Island, Seoul as a child

I grew up as a director, and as a clothing CM model when I was a freshman at Hyehwa Girls’ High School,

I started my career in the entertainment industry, and a year later, in 1983, with the movie “First Day of the Twenty-Year.”

I made my debut. When I was a teenager, I was mostly active in high-teen movies.

In 1985, MBC’s best-selling movie “The Unknowns” was aired on TV.

He made his debut and later focused on TV. 1986 KBS Daily Drama

Despite being cast as the main character in “Woman’s Heart,” and being a 20-year-old rookie,

He’s got a sensational response to his acting skills in his teens and 60s.

He is emerging as a new generation of stars with his college classmate Jeon In-hwa.

In 1987, he sang “Don’t Forget Me,” which was written/written by Jeon Young-rok.

And Kim Hee-ae is a drama written by Kim Soo-hyun from 2003 to 2007.

Full love, parent’s biography, my man’s three women in a row.

There’s also a perception that he’s a member of the Kim Soo-hyun Division, starring as the main character.

Also, Yoo Jae-suk and his neighbor, the Wedding Singers of Infinite Challenge,

That’s why he appeared on the show.

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