LCK winning rate 15%, trapped Caitlin Performance ‘1 tier’

LCK winning rate 15%, trapped Caitlin Performance ‘1 tier’

Caitlin, who reappeared in the eighth week of the LCK, had poor performance.

In the eighth week of the “2020 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer,” Caitlin, classified as a buff, reappeared. However, the winning rate was only 15 percent, recording poor performance. Some say that it is another trap. However, he is doing well in the LPL and LEC leagues. In the LPL, Ash usually plays against Keitlin, while in the LEC, Jin plays against Keitlin.

At present, the only match between Africa and Team Dynamics to win against Caitlin in the LCK. At the time, Team Dynamics’ “Duckdam” Seo Dae-gil took out Caitlin first and won, while “Mystic” Jin Sung-joon took over Caitlin in the next set.

Most of Caitlin’s records were lost using it in the “East League” like Seol Hae-won Prince, Hanwha Life Insurance and Tim Dynamics. Of course, “Ruler” Park Jae-hyuk used it in the KT Rolster match, but no record has been made yet of the strong team’s proper use of Caitlin. Most of the top teams induced their opponents to take Caitlin as the first pick and responded to it. It may be premature to assess Caitlin on the winning percentage.

There is also a divergence in the assessment of Caitlin among officials. “We’ve played Caitlin a lot, and we’re good,” said Lim Hye-sung, coach of T1. On the other hand, some players say they don’t know if Caitlin is a good pick. This seems to be due to the poor performance of Caitlin’s survival plane, E-skill’s “90-caliber Throw” and its ultimate “one shot of spleen.”

While Ash can play making the ultimate play, Caitlin can’t pose a big threat in the ultimate. If there is someone to greet you instead, you cannot take your life back. In addition, there is a sad scene in which an e-skill, “90-caliber grounder,” is used in the game, but still gives up one’s life. Survivors don’t do their part. Nevertheless, the evaluation can change at any time because there are many advantages such as superior range, endless possibilities of traps, and second-half carriage power.

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