AOA Seol-hyeon has been bombarded with complaints about


AOA Seol-hyeon has been bombarded with complaints about “day and night” voluntary dropping out of the “bystander” controversy.


Production team’s “As scheduled” position

While AOA’s Seolhyun is being asked to drop the drama “Day and Night” due to former member Kwon Min-ah’s revelation of “The Bystander,” the production team said it was “pending the filming as scheduled.

Seol Hyun has been embroiled in controversy over “bystanders” since the withdrawal of AOA leader Jimin, and her activities have turned red. Kwon Min-ah said, “Of course, all the members knew that I was having a hard time because of Shin (Jimin’s sister), and when we talked at the end, Kim (Seolhyun) said that it doesn’t matter what happens to him or her and just hates this situation. For me, it was the same bystander, and I was sad to hear that,” he said publicly.

Seolhyun has also been criticized by the public every day. In particular, Seolhyun’s “observant controversy” continues because Kwon Min-ah made several extreme attempts while complaining of pain during her AOA activities.

In the end, Seol-hyun’s next drama, tvN’s new drama “Day and Night,” was bombarded with complaints from viewers saying, “Get off the train.”

Despite the fact that “Day and Night” is scheduled to be organized in the second half of this year, Seolhyun’s appearance has already made it to the top of the real-time search keyword, causing negative public opinion. The majority of netizens raised their voices, saying, “Seolhyun, voluntarily step down.”

As a result, the “Day and Night” side is unexpectedly in a difficult situation. As the filming has already progressed a lot, he said that he appeared as scheduled. He added, “There will be no change unless the performer makes a request to drop out himself.”

As such, “day and night” has been criticized due to differences in temperature with the public, and the public has been hit hard.

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