Suzy, 100 million more donations to help flood victims


Suzy, 100 million more donations to help flood victims.endless angel of good deeds


Singer and actor Suzy again did a good job helping Su Jae-min.

According to Tuesday’s report, Suu Kyi donated 100 million won through the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association. The government has started to do good deeds for flood victims who suffered from recent heavy rains across the country.

Suzy delivered the donation under the real name of Bae Suzy. As he has done good deeds several times, he seems to have been trying to convey his warm heart quietly.

Suzy is a leading angel of good deeds in the entertainment industry. Not only did he register for organ and tissue donation in 2014, but he also continued to donate to low-income families and children with incurable diseases.

In 2015, he became a member of the Honor Society, a group of high-value donors of the Community Chest of Korea, and took the lead in making large donations to bereaved families of the Ferry Sewol disaster, patients with childhood cancer and leukemia, support groups for single mothers, businesses to improve the educational environment in Vietnam and Laos, victims of forest fires in Gangwon Province, and women and teenagers from low-income families.

Meanwhile, Suzy will meet viewers with a confident young Seo Dal-mi who is the main character and dreams of Korea’s Steve Jobs in tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Startup,” which will premiere in October.

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