Banana Effectiveness, It’s OK to Have High Calories!


Banana Effectiveness, It’s OK to Have High Calories!


Anyway, before the summer comes every year,

A lot of people have nice bodies.

You go on a diet to show off.

If you miss it, you’ll be disappointed.

It’s bananas!

It’s rich in nutrients and it fills your stomach.

But this fruit that everyone loves,

The fact that the calories are higher than you think.

Did you know that?

You need to calm down your embarrassment.


Today, I’m going to show you the efficacy of bananas.

I’m posting about calories!

Why is it good for dieting even though it is high in calories?

at 93 kcal per 100 g

It has more than three times as much calories as tomatoes.

Carbohydrates are 24.1 grams per 100 grams, four times higher than pineapples.

I don’t think it’s just light in this way,

In fact, what’s effective in dieting is…

It’s a well-known fact, isn’t it?

It’s very contradictory 🙂

Bananas are compared to calories and carbohydrates.

It’s low in fat and high in sugar.

That’s why it’s so full!

When you lose weight,

When you’re hungry, you’re sad and upset.

You’ll survive with one sweet one!

I’m curious about the banana effect!

Not only diet,

It has many effects on your body!

You’re more curious than any other effect, aren’t you?

As I said before,

It’s effective in losing weight.

rich dietary fiber

It keeps you full for a long time.

It helps bowel movements smoothly.

It’s the perfect fruit for cutting flesh!

Two, it’s good for your bones.

Magnesium, which is contained in bananas,

It’s a mineral that plays many roles in our bodies.

It generates energy and is involved in calcium production and metabolism.

So it improves bone health and even prevents damage!

Three, natural depression drugs.

Eating bananas together

The triptoffan that you get to eat in abundance,

It produces a hormone called serotonin.

Serotonin stabilizes the mental state.

So that you can get a good night’s sleep,

It helps.

Four, improving digestion and bowel movements

Pectin and resistant starch.

It’s rich in two components, so it’s good for digestion.

It’s a big help. especially resistant starch

To the beneficial bacteria in the intestines of our bodies.

It’s good food to improve the intestinal environment.

It prevents various digestive disorders!

Also, because it is rich in dietary fiber,

It also facilitates bowel movements!

Five, prevent anemia.

Bananas have a lot of iron.

It produces hemoglobin in the blood.

Keep the oxygen moving.

It also helps prevent and improve anemia.

Six, it’s the best supplement before exercise.

Three natural sugars (sugar, fructose, glucose)

as it contains

ready for use upon ingestion

It provides energy.

A study in the United States has shown that 90 minutes is the most important thing.

It provides enough energy to exercise.

They say the results came out!
around various sports venues or athletes.

Why do we see so many bananas?

We can find it here!

This is impeccable food.

It’s poisonous to people like this!

1. Patients with kidney disease

Like I said, it’s high in potassium.

Usually in one medium size.

It contains 420 milligrams of potassium.

Because of this, patients with chronic kidney disease

It can be difficult to release potassium.

It could lead to high potassium.

Care must be taken.

2. Allergy symptoms

All food needs to be careful of allergies.

Bananas are no exception.

or swelling of the throat after ingestion.

If a rash occurs on the skin,

Don’t eat it!

In addition, too much intake of migraine headaches.

It can cause you to eat it in moderation.

Recommended!! I’ll finish posting here.

Eat a banana.

I’m going to start today!!

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