Lebanon’s Ammonium Nitrate attacks on 4,000 people

Lebanon’s Ammonium Nitrate attacks on 4,000 people

US President Trump’s Lebanese explosion

It is said that it appears to be due to an explosive terrorist attack.

Beirut’s warehouse

It is said to contain 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate.

It is true that the warehouse exploded, but it is common

It’s not a factory fire, according to military authorities.

It is a terrorist claim.

It is used as a fertilizer, but when you mix gasoline

It seems to have tremendous power…

It’s a commercially available substance

I can make a bomb

Islamic extremists in Canada

It is also a material collected in planning terrorism.

In Korea, in an online shop like an open market

It doesn’t seem to be an easy fertilizer.

You need to get a quotation from the company and purchase it.

And to the person whose purpose is unclear

Resale is prohibited.

What is Lebanon like?

Located at the end of the Mediterranean Sea, northern Israel,

Crossing the border with Syria

Jordan is also close to Iraq.

Just looking at the location, it feels like a dangerous neighborhood.
Moreover, it is one of the few countries where Islam and Christianity coexist.

Refugees fleeing the Syrian Civil War and the ISIS Civil War.

It is one of the few countries I have accepted.

Like Israel

It is one of America’s most important friends.

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