Dream Nuclear, Cancels This Year’s Event in the aftermath

Dream Nuclear, Cancels This Year’s Event in the aftermath of Corona19.

Dream Nuclear, which boasts the best e-sports event with Intel Extreme Masters (IEM), has decided to cancel the event in 2020.

Dream Nuclear Power Co. has decided to postpone the remaining events of this year’s Dream Nuclear Power Co. as the world is fighting over the Corona 19 pandemic on its website on the 10th. The decision is inevitable because health and safety are the top priorities.

As a result, Dream Nuclear Rotterdam (Dutch), Dream Nuclear Hyderabad (India), Dream Nuclear Atlanta (Dream Nuclear Winter) in November, Dream Nuclear Madrid (Spain) in December have been postponed. The previously scheduled “Dream Nuclear Dallas,” “Dream Nuclear Summer” and “Dream Nuclear Montreal” have also been postponed until next year.

“Our goal is to provide everyone with a good experience in the event,” said Dream Nuclear co-CEO Marcus Lindmark, adding, “We didn’t need to postpone such an event before, but now it’s special and the safety of participants and staff is more important. This was a very different year for everyone, but we will do our best to host the event in 2021.

Meanwhile, StarCraft 2 Pro Tour and Warcraft 3 Pro Tour, which are underway with ESL, have been brought online.

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