Will Spirit Lillia really make it to T1 It seems to be the first time

Will Spirit Lillia really make it to T1

It seems to be the first time a player has vowed to use a champion in an upcoming match. It’s the African Freaks Jungler, Spirit.Yoon has vowed to use his 149th champion Lilia in an important match ahead of the playoffs. If “Spirit” keeps its promise, this is Lillia’s LCK debut.

Afreeca Freecs and T1 will face off on the first day of the 2020 Woori Bank’s LCK Summer Split, which will be held at Jonggak Roll Park on the 13th. Afreeca Freecs are busy on their way. While T1 has secured a playoff berth, the Afreeca Freecs are still tied to KT Rollster. “Spirit” Lee Da-yoon, who unveiled her strategy card ahead of such an important match, is really looking forward to playing Lilia.

First of all, from the perspective of T1, you don’t have to go against Lilia. If you don’t want to have a headache, just do the van without any worries. However, they may want to see a strategy card that their opponents say they have prepared when they have confirmed the playoffs have been confirmed. Even if the regular league is over, they have to meet again anyway. It is better to get a shot in advance than to get an unexpected blow on an important road.

Does Afreeca Freecs really use Lilia? There seems to be a high probability of that. It’s a card that a player is confident enough to profess, and he can’t afford to save the situation where one win is important. It’s time to use any medicine because he hasn’t fixed his habit of loosening his legs against the strong team yet. If the prescription works, it will give you strength in multidrug preparation.

So, is Lillia a good champion enough to be in a competition? In fact, the Solo Rank index is not very positive. For now, it is highly likely that he will play as a jungler, with 65 percent in the jungle and 23 percent in the top. But the winning rate is not good. Based on the 10.15 patch, the winning rate was 43 percent, and the next patch was 46 percent, up only 3 percent. The latest trend is divided into OP champions, who need buffs, by an average of 50 percent to 3 percent. Lilia still needs time for users to get used to.

However, if you look at the summoner’s record of playing more than 100 rounds of Lilia on the DIA tier, the average winning rate is over 50%. This is proof that Lilia is okay for some of the more familiar top-rated summoners. Also, research on Lilia is underway with professional players at the center. It should be said that there is a certain possibility of participating in the competition.

In games, Jungle Lilia is more of a growth champion for now. Jungling is very fast, and although it complies with the amount of damage, it lacks CC until level 6. If the core item, Lailay-Liandry, is equipped, the caricature will be very high. However, the difficulty is high because it requires a short range and fast speed. It remains to be seen whether he can play like this while being marked by his opponent in the competition.

Finally, he is the AP champion, so he can use the AD champion for the top and mid. If “Spirit” Lee Da-yoon’s Jungle Lillia card is really effective, it will expand to the Mid Champion Pool, allowing him to use various Banpik.

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