Gong Ji-young and Kim Boo-sun have been threatening

Gong Ji-young and Kim Boo-sun have been threatening my ex-husband for a year under the pretext of some obscene photos.

Novelist Gong Ji-young (57) revealed that actress Kim Boo-sun (59) has been threatening her with obscene photos for a year. The two have been at odds ever since the controversy over “recording leaks.”

On the 11th, Gong Ji-young shot Kim Bu-sun on her personal Facebook page and said, “I avoided getting more involved, but I answer for my children. Reveal the lewd photo that your ex-husband sent you.”

“It’s been 16 years since I divorced for the third time, and I recently found out that my ex-husband had a thumbs-up with an actress,” he said. “There must have been some text messages and pictures between the two. Or whether he sent it unilaterally, of course I have no idea,” he explained, referring to his relationship with Kim Boo-sun and his third ex-husband.

Gong Ji-young said, “It was a year ago that (Kim Boo-sun) threatened me to release pornographic photos sent by my ex-husband,” adding, “To prevent that, I asked her and her daughter to make a public apology for the recording leak.”

At the same time, Gong Ji-young said, “I publicly apologize for the recording leak,” and recalled, “(Kim Bu-sun) made a public apology to her and her daughter, so I made a million more personal apologies, but she asked me to speak publicly at the time, and I prayed that the timing was not good.”

Finally, Gong repeatedly told her to release the obscene photos, saying, “I will no longer respond. Reveal the obscene photo that your ex-husband sent you. He is an adult now, so I believe he will interpret it on his own.

In Gong’s posting, Kim Boo-sun also revealed the message she exchanged with Gong in January on her Facebook page. According to the content, Kim Boo-sun sent a message to Gong Ji-young saying, “I left an irreparable scar to my mother and daughter, and thanks to the fact that my daughter entered the country and the teacher (Gong Ji-young)’s recording leak caused a serious situation.”

“I don’t secretly record and leak it or share it with others like you do,” he said. “Please apologize to my daughter politely and honestly to me, even if it’s brief on your SNS.”

The recording leak, which Kim Boo-sun claims, came when allegations of a scandal involving Kim Boo-sun and Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung surfaced during the June 13 local elections in 2018.

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