Darvish 11K Hautu Cubs Milwaukee with a 4-2 winning


Darvish 11K Hautu Cubs Milwaukee with a 4-2 winning percentage of 0.813


The Chicago Cubs, which are off to a good start in the shortened season, continued their three-game winning streak thanks to starter Darvish Yu (34).

The Cubs won 4-2 in a game against Milwaukee at Wrigley Field on Aug. 14 (Korea time) as Darvish continued his no-hitter to one out in the seventh inning. With the victory, the Cubs have a record of 13 wins and 3 losses and a 0.813 winning percentage.

Until the seventh inning, it was a game for Darvish. Darvish struck out nine in the sixth inning, giving up only three fours and no hits. Milwaukee hitters fell like a leaf on Darvish’s ball.

While Darvish was pitching well, the Cubs hitters also scored little by little. Javier Baez scored first with a grounder to third base in the first inning. Then in the second inning, Kyle Schwarver made another run with a solo home run. The Cubs, who scored two more runs with Ian Hep’s timely double and David Bodhi’s timely hit in the sixth inning, lightened Darvish’s shoulders.

Darvish also took the mound in the seventh inning for Noheater. But after one out, Justin Smoke threw a body slider and allowed a home run over the right fence. The no-hitter broke, but Darvish struck out two remaining batters with a fly ball to wrap up the inning.

The Cubs defended Darvish’s victory by putting Chris Sadler and Rowan Wick in the remaining two innings. The leadoff man Baez didn’t allow a crisis in the ninth inning, neatly handling Christian Yelich’s difficult batting. Milwaukee followed a run in the ninth inning but failed to turn the game around.

Cubs starter Darvish made up for his first appearance (three runs in four innings) with one hit, 11 strikeouts and one run in seven innings. Darvish, who threw as many as 55 of the 104 balls in a cutter, drew a bat from Milwaukee hitters.

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