Serie A player of the year, Dibala, with his cool Juventus

Serie A player of the year, Dibala, with his cool Juventus blood.

In the face of the cold blade of a “system reform,” even the MVP of a champion’s club is useless. Italian Serie A champion Juventus are about to beat Serie A’s ‘player of the year’ Paulo Dybala.

British media Dailyista said on the 13th (Korea time) that Juventus has decided to sell Divala, which was the focus of Manchester United and Tottenham. This is because the new coach, Andrea Pirlo, was not included in the team’s initiative,” he quoted Italian media Gazeta Delo Sports as saying.

Divala is the number one contributor to Juventus’ ninth straight win this season. He has been active with 11 goals and 7 assists in 33 league matches, beating his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo to be selected as Serie A’s Player of the Year in the 2019-2020 season.

However, the relationship between Divala and Juventus was not very good. He tried to leave Juventus last summer. Mauricio Sarri, who was leading the team at the time, also didn’t value Dibala’s role. In the end, rumors of a transfer between Tottenham and Manchester United were circulating, and they were even close to agreeing to join Tottenham. But he chose to stay with Juventus at the last minute, and led the team to victory this season.

After a year, however, the cold atmosphere of the transfer market last summer was created again. This time, the young coach Piro, who took over the baton from former coach Sarri, is not happy with Dibala. There is no dibala in his plan of power. Coach Pierrot is trying to change Juventus completely. Therefore, the club is planning to form a new player with the transfer fee of Dibala, which is expected to reach 100 million pounds (about 155.3 billion won).

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