DRX and Hanwha Life Insurance, which are competing

DRX and Hanwha Life Insurance, which are competing for the top spot, should be cleared first.

The “2020 LoL Champions Korea (LCK)” Summer Split 39 days will be held at the Jongno Roll Park on the 14th. In the second game, the DRX, which is competing with Damwon Gaming for the top spot, is set to face off against Hanwha Life eSports in the bottom half.

DRX is currently second with 13 wins, two losses and +17. Damwon Gaming, Winning, and losing are the same, but five points are different in points, and it is more realistic to be ahead of the number of wins rather than fighting for the Summer Final. To do that, of course, win all the remaining games. Starting with the Hanwha Life e-Sports match, there is a game left with Seol Hae-won Prince and T1.

Given the performance of DRX so far, it is expected to win a comfortable victory against Hanwha Life e-Sports and Seol Hae-won Prince, and the match against T1 is expected to be a challenge. Damwon also has a very interesting confrontation with T1.

Moreover, as Gen.G. eSports and T1 have won both yesterday’s games, they are close to losing 12 wins and 4 losses, so the DRX should definitely boost their performance as well as their victory before the T1 showdown. Although Hanwha Life Insurance is the lowest-ranked team, its recent performance is not at the level of losing the first round.

DRX’s capabilities have already been verified to some extent. Now, it is time to show the results with concentration, not long-term races. It is time to fix problems such as Banpick, which has sometimes been a drag on DRX, and the ups and downs of “Signing-Doran.” What DRX should show in the showdown with Hanwha Life eSports is not just a victory, but a perfect victory without ups and downs or mistakes that will make them feel hopeless from their rivals.

■ 2020 LCK Summer Split 39 Days of Competition Schedule

Seol Hae-won Prince vs. KT Rollster – 5 p.m. on the 14th
Two-game DRX vs. Hanwha Life eSports

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