Mid-Jungle Pressure Attempt in Victory over Eport

Mid-Jungle Pressure Attempt in Victory over Eport Lee Sang-ho Line

T1 has already won six straight games, tying for third place. Lee Sang-ho, T1’s playmaker, recently said, “If we win the line match, we are pressing our opponents, Mid-Jungle, with our allies, to solve the game.”

T1 won the second round of the “2020 LOL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split Africa at LCK Arena in Jongno, Seoul, on the afternoon of the 13th. Lee Sang-ho chose Leona and Notilus in the first and second sets, respectively, to show sharp playmaking, leading the team to six consecutive wins.

Lee Sang-ho, who was interviewed after the game, expressed satisfaction with his victory over the “West League team.” T1, which succeeded in changing the mood by defeating mid- to low-ranked teams in a row, was put to the test by the fifth-ranked Africa. Lee Sang-ho said, “My personal skills and teamwork are all on track,” adding, “I’m glad to see the team’s performance.”

As Lee Sang-ho said, the recent T1 has shown good performance in both line games and calls. T1’s sharp line-up put wings on Lee Sang-ho’s playmaking ability. Lee Sang-ho said, “If I win the robot line match, I’m pressing my opponent’s mid-Jungle with my allies to solve the game,” adding, “I feel less pressure because I bet my Inicie in a flexible situation.”

T1’s call system, led by “kids” Moon Woo-chan and Lee Sang-ho, made the team stronger. Regarding T1’s recent order, Lee Sang-ho said, “The upper body is handled by Jungler Moon Woo-chan, while the bot line and dragon-related calls are handled by me and “Teddy” Park Jin-sung. After that, we will gather opinions together in the second half of the game.

T1 will face strong teams Damwon and Dragon X on the 20th and 23rd, respectively. Coincidentally, the two teams lost to T1 in the first round. Lee Sang-ho said, “It’s hard to find a gap between the two teams, but we’re also worthy of facing each other because we’re in high spirits,” and added, “We’ll try to maintain our performance and beat both Damwon and Dragon X.”

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