Viddy Kwak Bo-sung’s lack of concentration in the early stages

Viddy Kwak Bo-sung’s lack of concentration in the early stages was disappointing.

“We need to boost our performance further until the post season.”

Gen.G’s “Viddy” Kwak Bo-sung has expressed his desire to improve his skills.

Zenji came from behind to beat Sandbox Gaming 2-1 in the second round of the summer regular season of “2020 LoL Champions Korea (LCK)” at LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Wednesday. Zenji, who recorded 12 wins and 4 losses (set gain +15) with the victory, remained in third place alone. T1 (11 wins and 4 losses, set gain +13) escaped the chase.

Kwak said, “I lacked concentration at the beginning of the first and third sets.” Kwak Bo-sung, who met with the Kookmin Ilbo after the game, said, “I lacked concentration in the first set of the first set,” and added, “After reviewing the game, the opposing champions all ran away by a hair’s breadth.” I was sorry for that,” he said.

The decision in the battle of the tower in the early third set was also regrettable. I was taking the lead in the line game, but when I joined the tower by teleport, I gave the lead to my opponent. If we had judged it more calmly, we would not have teleported,” he added.

Regarding playing Pantheon in the first set, Kwak said it was an impromptu champion swap with “Life” Kim Jung-min, who originally did not intend it. “Everyone knows that the supporter Pantheon is a bad pick against Tom Kenchi,” he said. “I’ve practiced the Joy versus Pantheon a lot before. “I was confident that I could beat my opponent even if I played Mid Pantheon.

He also said the team should improve its second-half management skills. Kwak said, “We’re almost leading the line game in the early and mid-term. “If we fix that part (the latter half of the management ability), we will be able to show better performance,” he said. “We will prepare for the next game as usual and improve our performance until the post season.”

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