DRX Doran Choi Hyun-jun, you’ll have a safe

DRX Doran Choi Hyun-jun, you’ll have a safe trip to the mountain.

At the “2020 Woori Bank LCK Summer Split,” a battle between DRX and Prince Seol Hae-won took place. After a fierce battle, the DRX won 2-1.

The DRX barely managed to win. Below are questions and answers from DRX and Doran Choi Hyun-joon.

Hello. Congratulations on your victory after a tough game. Please tell us how you feel about winning.

DRX Doran: Honestly, I thought it was almost a losing game, but I’m glad we came from behind to win.

Q. This game was really tough. I think some mistakes were made in the line-up stage, especially against the players who are not good players. What do you think was lacking today? And how will you get over it?

DRX Doran: Overall, I think the championship selection and its imagination were good. But in the 2nd and 3rd sets, the item selection was disappointing. I think I could have won if I improved this part. I think I need to study more about the item.

Q. How did you feel when Pyo Sik succeeded in the steal of the elder?

DRX Doran: I thought all five of us lost, but I thought we could win at one point.

Q. The last game is against T1. Please say a word of resolution.

DRX Doran: I think we can win if we analyze the game between T1 and Damwon well and prepare for T1.

Q. Please tell us how you feel about climbing the mountain climbing!

DRX Doran: From now on, I’ll be very active and come back safely.

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