I feel good when I meet S.M.S.M. Song Kyung-ho

I feel good when I meet S.M.S.M. Song Kyung-ho at Solo Ranker Deft.

KT Rollster “Smap” Song Kyung-ho, who won the Seol Hae-won Prince, picked DRX “Deft” Kim Hyuk-kyu as the player he wants to meet the most in the Solo Rank.

Song Kyung-ho said in an interview after the game against Seol Hae-won on the 14th, “It is difficult for me to advance to the playoffs on my own. “I will try my best to look at the LOL World Cup selection matches and boost my performance,” he said. “I think I’ve been doing a little better these days, but I’m confident that I’ll show you a better performance.” Please give us a lot of support.” 파워볼사이트

Asked about the reason for his recent surge in skills, he said, “It’s because I worked hard on my solo rank.” Asked about the story that “Deft” Kim Hyuk-kyu was able to raise his Solo Rank score because of his top position in his personal broadcast, he said, “I think it’s okay to ignore it. (laughs) I think distance dealers are the easiest. I feel good when I meet the Solo Ranker, Deft.’ Winning makes me feel different,” he replied.

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