LGD defeats IG with Korean duo! advance to the semifinals

LGD defeats IG with Korean duo! advance to the semifinals

LGD Gaming defeated Invictus Gaming 3-0 to advance to the semifinals with the performances of “Peanut” Han Wang-ho and “Cramer” Ha Jong-hoon.

LGD Gaming won the 2020 Summer Playoff of the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) held on the 16th without giving up a set against Invictus Gaming (IG).

LGD, which took Camille and Nidali, Twisted Fate, Izreal and Leona in the first set, won as Han Wang-ho’s Nidali took a big shot against IG, which combines Kenen, Kindred, Silas, Calista and Notilus.

Han Wang-ho’s Nidali, who caught Nautilus while going down to the bottom in the third minute, hit the ball at the bottom of the 12th minute and put in a series of spears, and even treated his teammates when they lost their stamina during the tower dive. After 20 minutes of dragon hunting, Han Wang-ho, who lost the stamina of IG players by inserting a spear from a long distance even when the battle took place, made the effort to achieve the ace and took Baron in 21 minutes. LGD, which fought in the lower jungle area in the 23rd minute, took the first set as “Kramer” Ha Jong-hoon’s Izreal took a triple kill.

In the second set, LGD, a combination of Ogong, Nidali, Twisted Fate, Izreal and Leona, faced IG, which took Lucian, Li Xin, Azir, Calista and Tariq. LGD, which took the lead by capturing Tariq through a two-to-two battle at the bottom, took the lead early in the fourth minute, catching Lee Shin and Lucian one after another as “Mark” Lingshu’s leona inserted the sword of perforation in the top jungle. LGD, which made a 2-1 exchange at the top of the 10th minute, slowed down IG players through a sword and black spot explosion by Leona’s perforation in the Dragon area in the 20th minute, and achieved 3 kills as Ha Jong-hoon’s Izreal continued to chase after him, taking care of Baron Nashor. LGD, which opened a fight in the lower jungle in the 23rd minute, caught up with fate when Han Wang-ho’s Nidali hit a spear and Song Eui-jin’s twisting paint from “Xiye” Suhanwei and destroyed Nexus in the 25th minute as they cleared up the remaining players.

LGD, who took the Graves, Joy, Ezreal and Lux from the third set, was dragged from the beginning, giving up kills in succession to IG, which took Cale, Kindred, Cindra, Jean and Bard. Han Wang-ho’s Graves took the first Blood, but allowed IG 3 kills and gave up the messenger in a massive battle in the messenger area. LGD, which fought at the top of the 12th minute, allowed 3 kills to the IG’s Jin, but balanced by catching 3 IG players as Ha Jong-hoon’s Izreal continued to fire. LGD, which summoned the messenger to the suspension in the 19th minute, released the message to its advantage when Ha Jong-hoon’s Izreal cut the bar and even caught the camp in a central confrontation. Like the second set, LGD, which finished Baron Hunt in the 21st minute, secured a 3-0 victory in the 22nd minute when Ha Jong-hoon and Han Wang-ho caught two IG players each in the top battle.

Han Wang-ho, who played Nidali in the first set, and Ha Jong-hoon, who won many kills in the third set, were named the MVP of the set.

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