Announcer Jang Ye-won announced her intention


Announcer Jang Ye-won announced her intention to quit SBS. It’s not a marriage.


Announcer Jang Ye-won directly mentioned the rumor of leaving SBS.

Jang delivered her opening greeting to listeners on SBS Power FM’s “Jang Ye-won’s Cinetown,” which aired on 17th.

“Many people were surprised and worried that the article came out first last week,” he said. “The first thing I couldn’t tell you was that nothing was decided,” he said about his resignation.

Jang Ye-won was rumored to leave the company on the 14th, saying she submitted her resignation to SBS. After leaving SBS, he reportedly plans to turn freelance. “It is true that Jang recently announced her intention to leave the company,” an SBS official told Star News at the time. “There is no fixed date for leaving the company or discussion of the program.”

Jang said in a broadcast on the same day, “It is true that he expressed his intention. I’m also waiting for the company’s decision,” he said. “It’s not a marriage, but there are many things I want to do, so I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I’m sorry to have worried the Cinetown family.

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