Kim Hee-sun’s representative beauty class beauty


Kim Hee-sun’s representative beauty class is the preservative beauty of an older sister in her 40s who manages these things.


Actress Kim Hee-sun is doing well with her beauty that has not changed over the years.

Kim Hee-sun said on her Instagram account on the 16th, “Missing Taeyang. Nice to meet you,” he posted a photo. The released photo showed Kim Hee-sun’s selfie in the car. Kim Hee-sun, who exudes calm charm with a white top and nude lips, is stealing attention with her beauty, whose age is not measured. It’s like the “Korea’s representative beauty” class.

The secret to Kim’s beauty is constant management. Last month, Kim Hee-sun posted a picture of herself filming an ad on social media, with a message saying, “My sister is taking care of herself while working hard.” Wearing a black dress in the video, Kim Hee-sun is filming in a professional manner. In what she called herself “management sister,” it can be seen that she made strenuous efforts to maintain Kim Hee-sun’s beauty.

Kim Hee-sun’s preservative beauty is also raising expectations for SBS’ “Alice,” which will air on Friday. In Alice, a drama about a magical time travel of a woman who resembles her dead mother and a man who lost his family, Kim Hee-sun acted over the age range of her 20s to 40s. Kim Hee-sun, who played a double role to draw two completely different characters with the same face, said, “When I played two different characters with the same face, I was worried that the two characters might look similar. The part where you think of Tae when you think of Sunyoung, or what if Tae when you think of Sunyoung when you think of Sunyoung? So I paid attention to dividing the tone or facial expression of the lines of the two characters. I hope you can see the charms of each of them through the broadcast,” he said, explaining his efforts to draw the two characters.

Meanwhile, the SBS drama “Alice,” starring Kim Hee-sun and Joo Won, will premiere at 10 p.m. on the 28th as a story of a man and a woman who have been separated forever by death meet again magically beyond the limits of time and dimension.

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